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Visiting the Al Bohayra Farm

This past weekend I picked up a Mercedes GLE to review for the blog and since it was a pretty comfortable car to drive, I decided I needed to go on a long road trip. So I headed to Al Bohayra Farm on Friday to check it out.

Getting there was a bit dramatic. Other than the fact it was a long drive (around an hour and a half) but Google Maps took me on a strange route. I took the causeway bridge to the other side and everything was great for a while after the bridge but then suddenly the highway ended with barriers and was diverted to a small pothole-ridden road (pictured above). The remaining highway was still under construction but oddly some cars were going through the barrier and driving on the semi-finished highway. I drove for a while on the pothole-ridden road but it just got really bad and even though I was in an SUV it was still really bad. So I got off the small road and drove down onto the unfinished highway which was pretty finished actually not sure why they had it closed off. But, after a while, even the unfinished highway ended with barriers diverting all the cars onto the adjacent road going against the flow of traffic. Some cars drove through the barriers into the even more unfinished highway while the rest of us were suddenly driving on a highway with cars coming towards us. It was super confusing and after a few minutes, we found a way to enter the unfinished side of the highway where we continued driving until we got back to normal roads. There definitely must be an easier way of getting there but it must have been one of those days where Google Maps wanted to mess with me.

Once we got to Al Bohayra Farm I was surprised at how busy it was. There were tour buses parked on the main road and their huge parking was pretty full. There is no entrance fee, you just walk in through the main gates and explore the farm. There are various things to do on the farm including renting bicycles, picking strawberries, exploring the farm, shopping at the farmers market and having delicious corn on the cob or lunch at one of the many fast-food restaurants like Burger King, Applebees, Pizza Hut and a few more (no farm to table restaurant if you’re wondering). There are various play areas for the kids, pony rides and lots of farm animals to see.

Even though there were so many people on the farm it never felt too crowded. The farm is large and the facilities there are made to handle a large number of people. Even some of the restaurants like Burger King had two branches on the farm. I really had a good time and I want to start checking out some of the other farms now that are also open to the public.

Al Bohayra Farm is located in Abdali which I had never been to before. I drove around the area a bit after visiting the farm and it felt like I was driving through one of those random towns while doing a U.S. road trip. There was also a bit of a wild west feeling which I kinda liked.

Al Bohayra Farm is worth checking out if you’ve never been. The farm is open every Friday and Saturday from 10AM to 9PM. Their instagram account is @albohayra and here is their location on Google Maps.

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Damn it! I was taking the kids this weekend. Now I need to wait a month at least, until the effect of this post wears off and the crowds thin out. Mark you need to clear these posts with me first to avoid any situations like this in the future.

Yes I’d surely recommend it to everyone
I totally feel your pain driving to the place.
We didn’t have a tough time doing that, however coming back google maps took us through the causeway which led to a way longer route thanks to those roadblock/weird re routes all over the place- just didn’t make any sense

That road is great fun 🙂

We got a new 4×4 a couple of weeks ago and that’s the way we went 🙂

It isn’t very clear why that road isn’t open fully but yes, it’s easy to get to across the middle.

It goes all the way to the border.

One of the reasons I use Waze. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Google is so hell bent on finding the shortest / apparently fastest route, it can lead you via hell and back.

Right now Waze is showing a route via Road 80 almost till the Safwan border and then taking a right turn. Thats it.

I took that road from Umm Niqa all the way back to Kuwait city at 3am. Imagine how we felt when we were driving at 120km/h with no streetlights on and we spot a fucking barricade that closed all the damn lanes. 8 times. We almost died the first time and well, we just drove slower at 100km all the way back to Jaber bridge. Fun. Won’t recommend at night, just not that safe at all.

Nope. Both owned by Google but waze is originally an Israeli company and they are still run by different development teams in Google. Gmaps is in fact copying waze features as we speak – traffic cams for example

Could anyone post and explain the exact route or approx route to get there? As we family of four going for the first time, dont want to get lost. If have tinytods.

Drive on Road 80 right upto the border (landmark is the point when the barrier between teh outward and inward road ends)

turn right (there is only one Road)
Keep right at the y Junction(This is the main road – the one on the left is a by lane)
Turn Left at the T Junction
(About a KM after the t junction)
You will not miss the farm on the left side

Can anyone tell me if there are any tour buses that take you to and from Bohayra Farm? Any contact details? Appreciate the help

What a coincidence!
I gave a thought to go there today and was googling some forums on it and here I am; bumped into your blog written on the same date 4 years ago.

I will visit there today and give an update of how things look after 4 years!

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