Kuwait Winter Games in Bayan!

There is a new and large ice skating rink that opened up in Bayan a few days ago called Kuwait Winter Games Club Ice Rink. It popped out of nowhere with very little to no information and what’s even more impressive is the fact that the Kuwait 2020 Open Championship for Professional Arab Ice Hockey Clubs is taking place there right now.

All the information I’ve been able to find is in Arabic and there really isn’t that much information anyway but I was able to find out that the rink is an IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) approved size and that all future IIHF tournaments will be held there instead of the Ice Skating Rink in the city. My guess this new rink was created because they had announced that they were going to demolish the old rink (they’re not going to anymore).

Why are these things basically kept a secret in Kuwait I don’t know. I couldn’t even find a half-decent shot of the rink and had to get the one on top from the Jeddah Ice Sports Club while the video above from the Kuwait Ice Hockey Girls Team.

Oh yeah it turns out we have a Kuwait Ice Hockey Girls Team and a Kuwait Curling Team, a Kuwait Ski Team and also a Kuwait Speed Skating Team. Who knew? Nobody!

If you want to check out some more pictures of the rink or see the schedule for the hockey championship that’s taking place right now then check out the Kuwait Winter Games instagram account @kuwait_wgc. I’m going to try and pass by tonight to check it out as well. Here is the location of the rink on Google Maps.

Update: I dropped by today to watch the UAE team match against Bahrain. The ice skating rink looks like it still needs work, kinda felt like a pop-up ice skating rink. I guess the rink still needs work but they had to open as is right now because of the championship and then complete the work once the tournament is done. The rink isn’t centered under the roof properly which was super annoying when trying to capture a nice centered photo plus the scoreboard didn’t seem to be working either so I didn’t even know what the final score was.

Even with those issues it was actually really fun watching the game and I’ll probably be going back to watch some more. There isn’t an entrance fee or anything of the sort, you just walk in and sit wherever you want to watch the game. I think there was more closed off VIP seating than there was regular seating but really the best seat in the house is standing ringside anyway.

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Mark nothin is a secret you just don’t bother following any gov, or project accounts on insta. They published the building process weeks ago, they also post regular updates on most projects on government agency accounts, many projects have their own insta accounts and other accounts that highlight projects being built. Don’t complain if you don’t bother looking.

Geez! Give the guy a break. Where is your blog keeping everyone informed of everything that happens here? Without Mark keeping everyone in the loop maybe we would have left Kuwait long ago out of fear of being bored to tears. Thanks Mark for your hard work and keep it up. Haters will always hate.

I’m busy with a degree I wanna make one when I’m done tbh. It’s called everything kuwait and recently it’s pretty much been the “lets talk shit bout Kuwait and talk about things that interest mark” blog which I definitely don’t mind but I do mind when it is called “everything kuwait”. Don’t say maybe we should have left, there are 8 airlines that can take you from Kuwait to America, there are 2 terminals, taxis/buses ect. Put your money where you mouth is, I dare you.

Clearly the only person talking shit is you and since you’re clearly bothered by my blog how about you put your money where your mouth is and just stop visiting. Problem solved!

They have been working hard on this ice rink for well over a year and all of the Winter Games Club teams have been anticipating it’s opening to have regular on ice practices. There is also a figure skating team:

The rink was built for the Winter Games Club teams to use, but they are planning to open to the public for select sessions in the future.

This rink is very unique thanks to the creative and innovative work of engineer Mohammad Al Ajmi. It is definitely worth a visit! The tournament is on through February 8th with matches at 1:30pm, 4:30pm, & 8:00pm, today, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with teams from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the Emirates. The Kuwait team plays at 8pm on each of the tournament days. There are no tickets needed and admission is free.

Hey! I know Kuwait hockey team! They were participating Asian Child’s games in my home town on Sakhalin island. Full respect to whole team✊

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Never seen such idiotic self-sabotage and sharp deterioration in service.

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