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Visiting the Camel Races – 2021 Edition

The first time I visited the camel races was back in 2013 and I posted a guide for anyone who wanted to experience it as well. Because it’s been awhile since I last went, I decided to pass by again and publish an updated guide.

This past Saturday I drove out to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club to see how much things have changed. I took my old Alfa because I recently replaced some parts on it and wanted a long trip just to make sure I installed everything correctly. The trip to the tracks took a bit less than an hour and didn’t feel like a long drive at all. Once I got to the tracks I noticed all the main gates were locked. For a second I thought they were closed but then I noticed SUV’s speeding across the desert in the distance and heading in the direction of the track, I figured there might be another entrance and drove in the direction they were all heading. Sure enough, there was a side gate open off the main road and I drove into the racing club.

Once I drove into the track I didn’t see any spectators, racers, employees or even any signs telling me where to go next. So I just started following other cars and ended up driving through another gate and onto a tarmac road adjacent to the race track. I then kept driving till I eventually ended up at the start line. You can watch the video above which shows you how to enter the tracks and get to the tarmac that takes you to the start line. If you don’t have an SUV you’ll be fine since I was able to get to the track in my Alfa.

If you want to watch the races there are two ways:

  • The first way is you drive up to the start or finish line and park your car on the side and just watch the start or end of the races.

  • The second way to watch the races is you drive around the track with the race as it’s taking place. There are four tracks technically, the main track for the camels to race on is a large wide dirt track surrounded by railings. To the right of the race track is a dirt track for the camel owners who drive next to their camels during the race to control the robot jockeys on the camels. To the left of the camel track are two paved roads also separated by railings, one for use by track employees and the camera vehicle, the second is for the spectators to drive alongside the camels during the race. I didn’t do that this past Saturday but I did do that the first time I went to the tracks and you can watch the video above to see how it looks (chaotic basically). The only difference now is the spectators road is paved instead of it being a dirt road like in the video. Back then you could also tune into FM 93.1mhz on the radio and listen to a live broadcast of the actual race as you drive around. I couldn’t test it this time since my Alfa doesn’t have a radio.

The races start at 1PM and last till 3 or 4PM depending on the week. They alternate between 8 races and 16 races a week, the more races the later they finish. This Saturday when I visited it was 8 races, 4 races with the large camels and 4 with smaller ones. The only difference between the two is the starting line shifts closer to the finish line for the smaller camels. Each race lasts around 15 minutes before the next one starts. They’re not that strict with timing, they basically wait till the races end and all the spectators drive back to the starting line before starting the next race. The races take place weekly starting in October and this year will end in the first week of March.

I definitely recommend you check the races out just don’t go with high expectations, it’s nothing fancy. If you have kids they’d probably enjoy seeing camels up close and you can get pretty close to the camels both at the start and finish line. If you want to visit the Kuwait Camel Racing Club, here is the link to Google Maps.

18 replies on “Visiting the Camel Races – 2021 Edition”

Very nice!
I’ll try to head there sometime soon. I was wondering if the Kites would be on setup this year or is that not happening??!!

Since this is 2021 Edition, I would like to add some extra info

1) The best time to visit is February. In February (Not yet confirmed for 2021 due to Corona) we have “Tournament”, where many participates visit from the Gulf & their races day/evening for 5 days straight. The First price is a Car/SUV/Pickup for every race.

2) About the races it depends on the number of participates in the particular category for that week that determines the number of shots (races), for example if their are more young male camels for this Saturday the number of shots (races) would increase for that Week

3) The race (shot) don’t necessarily last 15 minutes, It depends on the KM, we have 3KM, 4KM, 5KM, 6KM, 8KM races, again depending on the CATEGORY of the camels

4) Pre-Corona the SPECTATOR building (Big White Building) was open to public, where you could watch the race live on TELEVISION while getting served some free of charge tea/juice. Currently, it is not known when it would be open again.

5) You can watch the races live or pre-recorded every Saturday on the Official YOUTUBE channel here:
& yes the FM 93.1mhz still works

6) The Robotic Jockey can be controlled in 2 ways; either by the wireless remote controller (similar to a car remote) or by a Walkie Talkie modified to work with the Jockey.

Tournament is not in February, it’s been pushed back to sometime in April they’re still waiting for government to decide.

Also, the 15 min time frame is what I gave as an approximate.

We went past year with the kids when the spectator centre was open. It was a lot of fun and the people there were lovely. My three year old went up on a camel (we got an awesome photo) and men were doing sword dances.

A highly recommended trip!

I am hoping they got rid of the abominable practice of child jockeys. Is there a special enclosure for families and single ladies… protect them from the elements among other things as, bachelors ??🤪

Thank you for your informational article. Would you by chance know if the races will be held this year? I’m hoping to at least to visit the camel races at least once. I’m only visiting Kuwait & will be leaving December.

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