A day at the Kuwait Camel Race Track

Post by Mark

Yesterday me and some friends headed to the Kuwait Camel Race Club in Kabd. I had never been to a camel race before and when my friend proposed it I figured it would be something exciting to do on a quiet Saturday afternoon. My friend got in contact with a person at the track so when we got there we had a guide waiting for us.


The guide got into the car with us and took us past the security gate into the center of the race track where the camel owners drive alongside their camels during the race. The Kuwait Camel Club no longer use human jockeys but instead use robotic ones due to the controversial child jockey problems faced in the past. During the race the camel owners drive down the track alongside their camels controlling their robot jockeys with wireless controllers. The guide made me tune into 93.1mhz on the FM radio because there was a live broadcast of the actual race so we could follow it that way. You could watch the short video above to get a feel of the view from inside the car. During the start of every race all the cars drive to the starting line where the owners make last checks on their camels. The camels don’t start in front of the spectators stand but 3KM away from the finish line. Once the camels are ready they are lined up and the race begins. The cars drive alongside the camels all the way to the finish line and then the cars drive back to the starting line to check on the other set of camels. We did this maybe five or six times until all the races had been finished and then we drove back to the spectator stands.

There was a black tent near the track where the winner was given his prize. Afterwards we were invited to some dates with camel butter and camel milk. The butter was absolutely delicious and even the milk didn’t taste bad at all, kinda like something between buttermilk and laban.

If you’re interested in visiting the tracks to watch a race it’s very easy to find and do. Take the 6th Ring Road and if 360 Mall is on your right keep heading straight past the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium. Keep driving until you pass the new Kuwait University campus on your left (currently just hills and hills of sand surrounded by hoarding) and then after that in a bit you’ll see a sign for the 604 exit. Once you take the exit stop at the traffic light and then take a left and pass under the bridge. Then keep driving straight until you get to a roundabout, drive straight past that roundabout and keep driving until you get to a second roundabout. Once again pass that roundabout and keep driving until you hit the third roundabout. At the third roundabout go left and then head all the way till the end of the road. Once your read the end go right until you get to the end of the road again and you’ll spot the Kuwait Camel Club on your left. The whole ride shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes. There is no entrance fee and races are held every Saturday from 2:30pm between October and April. Here is the location on [Google Maps]

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  1. Mathai says:

    I’ve been there a couple of times on our way to a farmhouse in Kabd but didn’t know that the races were held every Saturday. Thanks for the info Mark.

  2. Mathai says:

    ps.. ‘some friends and I’ would be preferable to ‘me and some friends’ :)

  3. Andy says:

    Wow! Super cool using robotic jockeys.

  4. Smoke House says:

    Interesting day out! Great post.
    We’re going to look into getting a hold of some camel butter for our test kitchen. Perhaps another camel-inspired dish on the horizon…

  5. dm says:


    Could any 1pls tell me where i can get camel milk……..sorry i know it off topic …

    • E says:

      There is a store or two somewhere among the small stores that sell packaging suplies inshuwaikh area, turn right in the first street after London Shoping Center and you will see their ad a pic with cattle animals. I have got some from there in the past.

      • Mrs. Mohammad says:

        We get camel milk the easiest way – when driving around, when we see a camel herd with babies, we just go and ask for some (you need an empty jug). The guy will go milk the camel for like a 1/2 kd for you (and would really appreciate a full bottle of water or two). :-) Just got some a couple days ago, fresh from the camel! Yummy!

  6. AKM says:

    Two questions:

    1) Are they proficient in English or do I have to take an Arabic speaking friend along?
    2) Is it safe to take women along and go in a mixed group?

  7. wil says:

    I want to watch a camel race this weekend? Do you know if a race is on? Whom do I contact? Thanks, Wil

  8. Andy says:

    Mark, is there camel racing this weekend (Nov 29/30) and is it Friday or Saturday (I am getting conflicting information)?
    Also is it at 230 in the afternoon or 700 or 800 in the morning.

    Andy, the Aspiring Camel Racing Fan.

    • Mark says:

      I have no idea honestly, I’m in London right now but I did get an email from AWARE about a camel racing outing they’re doing but haven’t gone through the email yet

      • wil says:


        I went last Saturday with some mates. It’s bloody fantastic. Starts 2pm. When you rock up you’ll probably walk into the air conditioned grandstand replete with (faux?) leather armchairs. We met a Kuwaiti there who took us down to the left of this where there were some camels we could go for a short walk on. We watched a couple of races and then got in the car, drove around to the starting point on the opposite side of the track and DROVE ALONG NEXT TO THE CAMELS AS THEY RACED! There was a clutch of cars doing this and I recommend participating only if you have had 6 months or so of training handling kamakazi drivers on the 30.


  9. Camel Chaser says:

    Don’t follow the Google map location. It is incorrect. It took us to the middle of nowhere, but to be fair there were a couple of camels on site! :)Just follow the written directions.

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