BayZero (Aquapark) is Now Open Again

Aquapark, which was the first water park in Kuwait got demolished a few years ago to a lot of people’s dismay. But, another waterpark was built in its place from the ground up with new games and it was given a new name, BayZero. The new park is the largest water park in Kuwait and this past weekend they reopened again for the new summer season.

Entrance to the park is 6KD and they’re open daily from 10AM to 10PM. The park is located right under the Kuwait Towers, behind McDonalds. Tickets can be purchased from their website For more info and photos, their Instagram account is @bayzerokuwait

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From what i understood this is phase 1 and only has this area pictured, the wave pool and another larger pool area. the adult slides are part of the second phase.

6 kd? Is this two times bigger or better than aqua park?
AP was 3.5 kd and felt the price was decent. 6kd is too much. Guess this is one way to keep low income people out. Sad

248am used to have a post about outdoor pools in Kuwait , cant find it …
idea for a post if u like since it’s summer already

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