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Blajat have Reduced their Prices

The Blajat project has been open for a couple of days only and they’ve already gone and reduced their prices. There was a lot of backlash on social media over their pricing structure so my guess is that might have played a roll in this. Whatever the reason is, here are the old and new prices for comparison:

Old Price: 8KD
New Price: 5KD

Beach Cabanas
Old Price: 45KD (up to 4 people)
New Price: 25KD

White Floating Cabanas
Old Price: 45KD (up to 6 people)
New Price: 25KD

White Floating Pool
Old Price: 10KD
New Price: 6KD

Kuwait TAG Obstacle Course
Old Price: 7.5KD
New Price: 6KD

Kids Water Park
Old Price: 5KD
New Price: 5KD (didn’t change)

They also added two more activities:

Beach Volleyball – 5KD an hour
Bossaball – 24KD an hour (up to 10 people)

I passed by earlier this morning just as they were opening to check the project out and it’s pretty nice. There was chill background music playing, the sand looked super clean (no idea about the water), there’s now a proper walkway and the whole project looked well put together.

But there were two things I didn’t like. The first is that you’re not allowed to walk your dogs on the walkway and the second is no bicycles. The first I kinda can understand but the no bicycle thing is a bit weird since there was plenty of space to build a bike path.

If you haven’t passed by to check it out, you should, even if you aren’t planning to swim. @blajatkw

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Makes sense, especially with super inflation & price gouging ongoing, they need price adjustments if they want business

True. Kuwait is full of dog poo. And cigarette butts. And garbage. It would just take one law change and that is a fine of KD 500. Kuwait will be clean in no time.

Kuwait also has an army of cleaners. On roads, in parking lots, near coops and supermarkets, and in public areas et al.
Its another story that they are buys chasing people for tips-without-working rather than the job they were assigned!

As someone who has a dog and bags and disposes the poo responsibly into the nearest bin, i have had a conversation with multiple people who walk their dogs and fail to pick up their dogs poo, they agree to the idea and continue leaving the remains…

Absolutley selfish, eventually their act will cause strict laws and penalties on even the responsible ones, just like the expat situation…

Recently visited Abu Dhabi , and their Corniche is so well laid out with walking & bike paths ….economic bike & e scooter rentals on short intervals … paid beaches …. was totally impressed 👍👍

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