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You can’t use the digital driving license!

Last week I posted about how you can now add your driving license to the Kuwait Mobile ID app as part of Kuwait’s move to digitization. Well according to the MOI you can’t use a digital driving license!

I guess the different departments didn’t coordinate together or something because although you can use the digital form of your CiviL ID as a form of identification, if you try using the digital driving license without having the physical license with you then you’ll get fined. Hilarious. Source

Note: If you prefer a horribly written English source, click here.

Update: Last night the MOI backtracked and released a statement saying that the digital license is now considered an official document. You can check that post here.

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Hope they can sort this out, I liked the idea of having all my IDs on my phone.

On another note can anyone explain to me the stretches of highway that have no lane markers? At the weekend I encountered one stretch where the lines abruptly stopped (no signage or warning) and then after a hundred meters or so they reappeared but well out of alignment so vehicles were forced to maneuver at speed to get back into a lane. It nearly caused a collision and that was just one moment of the day. To think that is happening constantly all day and night is worrying.
My question: why is it not a priority to fix such things?
Everyone uses the same roads. Everyone has an interest in keeping them maintained and safe and yet one does not get that impression driving around.
It’s a genuine question, not just having a whinge. Thank you. And thank you for this blog. It is very helpful!

I was in Abu Dhabi last week, spent three days driving there and was amazed how I didn’t come across a single pothole. And I drove in some dodgy areas and nothing, not even a crack in the roads.

Is that on the 30 between 4th and 3rd ring? It’s been like that since at least July. The 40 has a section the same.way between at least the 3rd and 2nd rings. And so many other road sections without lines at all – its crazy!

Thank you for the Arab Times link… that publication never ceases to make me laugh/cry over their disastrous English!!

FYI Arab Times blocked me on Twitter which I consider a badge of honour!

my driving license on mobile ID application is showing the expired one…i registered multiple times but still its not updating to the new license…

I guess that’s because, how else are they going to take away / suspend your license.

Like I got my license taken away for a week, had to pay a fine and vehicle checked at the traffic department. I got written for using the foldable sunshades on the windows as extra modification to the vehicle. Go Figure !!

If you notice on your digital driving license, there’s an icon that says “Active”. Im sure if your driving license is suspended, that would show as “inactive” or “Blocked”. Just makes more sense going digital now with everything.

Same with the civil Id especially if you have appointment in the hospital. Digital/mobile Id is not recognized. They still want the physical one even tho you tell them it’s expired. 🙄😉

Full of lies! Today the MOI has posted on their social media that the digital license is usable and care the same exact privileges as the physical one.

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