Digital Kuwaiti Driving License Now Available

A couple of days ago the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) updated the Kuwait Mobile ID app with the option to add a digital copy of your driving license. The instruction to do it are only in Arabic so here is a quick how-to:

1) I’m assuming you already have the app and are registered. You need to make sure you have the latest version of the app since the previous versions didn’t have this new feature. The new version was updated 2 days ago and is version 1.9.0.

2) Once logged into the app click on credentials. If your verification level is “Medium” you will now be presented with the option to scan your face similar to how you set up Face ID on the iPhone.

3) Once you are done with the verification process you will then have the option to add your driving license. I have two, a motorcycle license as well as a driving one so I have both showing in the app now.

The reason you want to add your driving license to Kuwait Mobile ID is that in case you forgot or lost your driving license, this digital version will now be accepted by the police.

On a side note, why is the new Sahel app only in Arabic???

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A welcome addition as I have a habit of forgetting my wallet. Now everything is on the phone. You don’t need a wallet anymore.
I had already setup ‘Authentication’ on my ID so adding the driving license was just a click.

Let’s hope that having a digital copy of the driving license, will prevent the traffic policemen from taking away your license just to annoy you for a week for a minor traffic violation …

I have gotten 1 moving violation ticket in Kuwait, on my way to work. Cop writes me the ticket, gives me the ticket, and keeps my license, and tells me to leave. I said, “What about my license??” He barked at me to, “Just go!”

So I left, driving without my license. It took almost a month to track down my license after my (Kuwaiti, Arabic speaking) husband took care of the ticket.

Curious to know if there would be some kind of block on the digital license if someones actual license gets taken by the police

Thanks Mark ! Appreciate the clear instructions given on this post.

Have you (or the firm you work for) considered doing PR communication work for the government? It would be next level.

You can also add your birth certificate if you were born here. I wasn’t so i couldn’t add it, what about you?

Also since you mentioned the sahel app being in arabic. Just out of curiosity, did you take native level arabic courses growing up in kuwait? I didn’t and want to take courses to improve my arabic but dont really know where.

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