Classic Cars Auction

Well technically, it’s not an auction specifically for classic cars, but there is an auction coming up this week for cars that were confiscated from a guy and they happen to be mostly classic cars (a video of them being confiscated went viral awhile back). All the cars are being sold as-is since they seem to have been parked for years, but some of which are in really good condition with very low miles. For example, there is a really rare 1983 De Tomaso Deauville which only 244 ever produced going up for auction and this one has just 9,400km on the dial and the plastic factory cover still on the rear seats. The most popular car probably going up for auction is a 1991 Ferrari Testarossa.

All the cars are currently located at the Ahmadi Police Station lot and are viewable by the public which is how I got to check them out yesterday. The actual auction is taking place this Wednesday at 8am in Ardiya. If you’re looking to possibly get an old Maserati, Aston Martin (there is an excellent condition Lagonda), Rolls Royce, BMW 8-series (including an 850CSi), Porsche or Ferrari, then here is the PDF containing all the details.

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The viewing time was only yesterday and earlier today so it’s over already. I wanted to go check em out but couldn’t make it. If you got pics I’m sure car enthusiasts would appreciate em.

Oh really? I thought the viewing was all week since they’re just parked there out in the open. I’ll upload the pictures I took once I get home, had them all up on @380cup but they’re gone now, but actually maybe I can create a highlight brb

Hi, so where in arrival is the auction and how do we sign up for it ? Any info would be great. I’m guessing it’s the upcoming Wednesday

It’s sad to see those cars in this state. Was it confiscated because it was kept in bad shape. Hope people who buy it buy it to restore these cars to pristine condition and not for joining around Jahra

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