7-Eleven Now Open in Kuwait

Post by Mark

The popular American convenience store 7-Eleven opened up their first location in Kuwait a couple of days ago. Sadly, it’s not as cool as it sounds. The location basically looks like your average neighborhood mini market with just some stickers on top of the shelves saying 7-Eleven. When I passed by last night, they had the radio tuned into a prayer station and the whole place resembled your average cheap looking mini-mart. Not what I was expecting. They didn’t have their popular slurpee which is why I dropped by, nor any 7-Eleven branded products, so the place felt like a fake 7-Eleven.

But, I’ve been assured this is an official 7-Eleven and the slurpee machine is coming soon. I guess 7-Eleven just don’t have strict brand guidelines which is why the place looks like any random mini market. This first 7-Eleven location is open in Salmiya, and their operating hours are from 6AM to 1AM. For directions you can check out their instagram account @7elevenkw

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  1. Sameh Ahmad says:

    Tuned into prayer station? you mean it’s annoying?

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

      Yes it is, extremely. Other religions can pray without having to bullhorn it into everyone’s ears then so can we.

      • Hamad says:

        love how you’re butthurt 24/7 what a pathetic opinionated brat
        any place is entitled to play whatever they want get over it. you’re at the store to buy stuff not to get inspired by whatever they are playing

        • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

          I genuinely have no idea what your saying, please repeat but this time in English. Your utter lack of punctuation and grammar makes 4th graders look as though they have a masters in English literature.

          • Hamad says:

            you always had your priorities flipped upside down so no wonder that your response is to attack the way i wrote my comment which makes you far more sad than i first thought.
            believe it or not mr.cookie, i don’t need to double check whatever i’m saying when im commenting on a lowlife peasant (you) since you’re slow to pick up on things i had to explain who im talking about. and ffs, it is “you’re” you wannabe nazi

    • Mark says:

      i was expecting convenience store music. haven’t you ever played Shenmue?

        • Dreamcast was the best console I ever had.

          Shenmue, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Power Stone <3

          • Mark says:

            Thats because the Dreamcast was THE BEST CONSOLE EVER MADE

            • w00t w00t :D

              What were your favorite games?

              • Mark says:

                in no particular order

                Guilty Gear X
                Crazy Taxi
                Mars Matrix
                Tokyo Xtreme Racer
                Sega Bass Fishing
                Typing Of The Dead
                Zero Gunner
                Tony Hawk
                Ferrari 355
                Virtua Tennis

                • Kuwait says:

                  I loved the dreamcast, but unfortunately the reality is once you play any of the games now their pretty shitty.

                • Mark says:

                  true, it’s the same with most 3D games. On the other hand, SNES games have aged really well.

                • Can’t believe you still remember “Shenmue”! I totally forgot about it until you referenced it. I vaguely remember the Arcade Games… in the game LOL “Shenmue” made me wanna’ go to Japan so badly!

                  “Guilty Gear X” has that one girl uses her hair as a weapon, no? That was fun too!

                  “Crazy Taxi” was hilarious! I had to pry the controller away from my older sister because all of us were pretty much addicted to it!

                  There was also a game called “Sword of Berserk” that picked up where the anime left off but dunno if you’re into anime or not.

                  The most chill game on the Dreamcast in my humble opinion was “Nights into Dreams”! ♥

            • I honestly can’t tell if you’re yelling at me or expressing pure, unadulterated excitement.

            • Hamad says:

              pushing it aren’t we

              • Mark says:

                Dreamcast was soooo head of its time and kinda still is.

                I had a keyboard and mouse for it for quake and unreal (and typing of the dead), I used to get online from it, download game saves, had 4 joypads and each with its own screen and rumble pack. Also had a fishing rod and you could get a mic to play seaman.

                Even consoles today don’t have some of those features.

                We didn’t even get into the games yet!

    • T Ross says:

      Yes it is, of course. The aesthetics of this monotonous prayer recitation with maximally strained voice is quite far from what one accepts as a relaxing pleasant ambience music. Sure, while shopping I would be annoyed by some hard rock piece beating on my nerves as well, or by some peculiar folk music… particularly turned loud.

  2. zaydoun says:

    But… but… 7-Eleven IS an average neighborhood mini-mart. No idea why you had such high hopes, besides the Slurpee machine

  3. Joe says:

    Looks/probably fake.

  4. coi says:

    yes, i was expecting the 7-11 vibe. i get what you mean..and was disappointed also.

    I do not know how they got the license for it.

    i hope they will improve.

  5. Salah says:

    Apparently many readers never really experienced a true American 7-11 experience, so they don’t know what “cool” means for 7-11. From the pictures, I am disappointed as well. It doesn’t take a lot to make it the 7-11 we know. Just a few rearrangements of the shelves and spaces, with little touches to some cheap hot food stands and cold beverage machines, and you got yourself an authentic 7-11. I guess this franchise broke the record for the fastest after-opening-disappointing brand; with others like Carrefour taking some time before turning into an ugly local Jam3eya.

  6. Yousef says:

    “Japan has more 7-Eleven locations than anywhere else in the world, where they often bear the name of its holding company “Seven & I Holdings”. Of the 64,319 stores around the globe, 20,260 stores (31 percent of global stores) are located in Japan,[48] with 2,601 stores in Tokyo alone” wiki

  7. daveM says:

    But a rundown gas station minimart vibe IS part of 7-11 aesthetic. Perhaps you guys are talking about the Japanese ones? lol.

  8. The Other Ahmed says:

    Even the 7-Elevens in Korea aren’t much to write home about; no slurpees either! 😕

  9. awf says:

    I have seen one 7-Eleven that’s been there for years in Bneid Al Gar near KFC

  10. Kuwait Lawyer says:

    This is not licensed 7-Eleven Store. This store is fake and not authorized.

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