What happens on Eqaila Beach stays on Eqaila Beach

No idea what’s been happening there but the new rules for Eqaila Beach follow the usual let’s just ban everything mentality instead of trying to solve the problem. Here are the new rules:

  • No entry for girls without their families

  • No entry for guys without their families

  • When requested, please share your marriage certificate

All the media posts I’ve seen have been sharing the exact same photo above which leads me to believe no one has actually gone themselves to verify if this is true or not. The top two rules seem like they’ve been there for a while with just the third one recently added. If any Eqaila Beachgoers could share some light in the comments on what’s been happening there, that would be appreciated!

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Sorry, but who is to say what’s normal?
What’s normal in one country/ culture may not be normal in another.
someone coming from one country, trying to impose something as normal in another, isn’t normal 🙂

I’ve visited often and TBH never noticed these signs. However, all I know is that Egaila Beach and Messila Beach are the only 2 private (TEC owned) beaches where BBQ is allowed, which is why they’re jam packed on Fridays during good good weather.

Tbh Kuwaiti single men are very dangerous and often harass women. Even married women. I’m very glad they implemented these rules to keep families safe.

I took this photo yesterday actually and surprised that it went this viral. I had shared it with family and then it snowballed from there.

I frequent the beach with my daughter. It is quiet during the weekdays in the morning and it’s such a lovely and private place.

I didnt notice this sign being there before which is why I took the photo. I spoke to the security guy there when paying to enter, commenting on the notices posted. He told me no one is allowed in except families.

Also when visiting “Melanzane by the sea” has apparently opened inside too, which looks like a cool location. Although they open from 3pm onwards.

If nudity is modernity, there is no need for it. Kuwait has pride for its chaste culture, and profanity on beaches is unwelcomed that is why the beach management decided to have such measures. In practice, this also offers more comfort and tranquility for beach goers.

the note for those who sees beyond words NOT the blin who just reads. By the way, there is no need to use the “f” word to show that u know english as they all reply politely i want say something more than that.

“”the note for those who sees beyond words NOT the blin who just reads.”

What? The sign is CLEAR. A single guy / girl cannot go to the beach, regardless of whether or not they’re nude.

“By the way, there is no need to use the “f” word to show that u know english”

HAHAHA for fucks sake grow up.

How about no entry to any public place for anyone without family/marriage certificate? Also, pro tip for the MOI: marriage certificate within the Kuwait Mobile ID app. Thank me later 😀

Marriage contract on mobile idea love that yes they should. but just imagine for those who r married to 2nd and 3rd without their wives knowing lol bummer, thats why MOI wont do it. divorce number to the rise hahaha

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