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Post by Mark

Kuwait Airways launched an outdoor campaign last week to highlight the fact their new terminal is opening this month. One thing I don’t get is the date format they’re using on all their advertising material which is 08-08-08/018. The date doesn’t make any sense.

The new terminal is opening on August 8th with a limited number of flight routes which is already going to be confusing to travelers, and now you have this abstract date format they’re using.

Over the weekend I asked my followers on twitter if they could translate the Kuwait Airways date format and nobody could.

This date is August 8th, 2008.

This could be read as August 8th, 2008/2018 although it doesn’t make sense why they’re using 018 and not 18, and what does 2008 have to do with this?

This is the actual date they should be using.

A follower suggested the first 08 might mean represent that fact they’re opening at 8AM but it wouldn’t make sense to insert a time into a date format. IF they could do that it would have at least made more sense to have it 08/08-08-18 for example.

Even with the Kuwait Airways tweet above which says the terminal is opening on 08-08-18 at 8AM, and the first flight will be KU0808, it still doesn’t explain what 08-08-08/018 is. What a confusing mess.

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  1. Khadija says:

    May be they mean 8 days to go for August8th 2018.

  2. Anthony says:

    Very good observation, i entirely agree. lost in translation perhaps at the printers/media company.

  3. Anthony says:

    Saying that it certainly worked in generating interest from an advertising perspective, QED :-)

  4. Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

    Not only that but the advert is horrific. There is way too much going on plus the plane’s landing gear is down… why is it down? They stole the sash thing from emirates and changed the colour to blue. Anyway atleast they spelt Kuwait correctly, we are going somewhere.

  5. Sharan says:

    Which flight is KU 808? Doubt there’s any flight with that number.

  6. MMM says:

    Maybe there referring to a nightclub in Pattaya Thailand called 808 where I’m assuming many travelers from Kuwait go to

  7. Rob says:

    Maybe the last 018 just means that only 18% of the flights will be running from that date at that terminal or alternatively it could be the percentage of flights that will be on time, tho 18 does seem a bit ambitious.

  8. Muhammad says:

    Maybe Kuwait Airway’s 8 Flights are coming in or Going out…

  9. Ipsom says:

    8am, August 8, 2018 that’s the only credible reason that came to mind, and at least the flight is at 8 am.

    But still confusing

  10. Jeff Gordon says:

    Things that make you hmmmm…?

  11. Ahmed says:

    8th year from 2010.

  12. Jumanji says:

    8 – up straight, 8 is a beautiful number; lay it down and it means infinity

    8 – In China the number 8 is believed to express the totality of the universe.

    8 – The number 8 is often associated with wealth and prosperity.

    8 – The number 8 is the largest cube in the Fibonacci Sequence

    8 – In Karate and Kungfu there are said to be 8 virtues: Respect, honesty, courage, integrity, humility, compassion, patience, and peacefulness.

    8 – In the year 8 AD the altar to peace (Ara Pacis) was erected by Augustus.

    8 – The number 8 is used 73 times in the Bible; the numbers 29, 42, 4500, 22,000, and 40,000 are used eight times in the Bible.

    8 – According to Buddhist beliefs, there are 8 parts on the path to nirvana: faith, the right judgment, the right language, right and pure action, right profession, applying the spirit to all laws, the right memory, and the right meditation.

    Just keep swimming…

  13. joe says:

    08: hour
    08: Day
    08: month
    018: year

    probably this is what they meant as many has described previously but i agree its a total mess.

  14. aziz says:

    they just mistype 2018 to 018…. logically

  15. Bader Hajali says:

    Could be the number of flights that willl use the terminal. 18 flights

  16. Max Altamimi says:

    It means that the terminal will launch it first flight on the 8th of August 2018 at 8am

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