Why aren’t people removing these stickers?

Post by Mark

I keep seeing more and more of these stickers on cars, if you hadn’t noticed them before you will now. Do you still have this sticker on your car?

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  1. Mohammda says:

    I kept mine on lol.

    Mostly because i am paranoid if a police man stops me and says “Where is that sticker?”

    So i just kept it on. Just in case lol. Of course, after 4 years of sun, it is now a faded black and white strip of paper.

  2. Ipsom says:

    Yea me neither, it’s on there when u first buy the car

    Also if you leave ir on for too long and then remove it later, the residue might stick to the glass and be hard to remove

  3. David says:

    Most of the cars i’ve Seen that have this are from al Mulla fleet rental .. they keep it on. I could be wrong.

  4. crazykwt says:

    Got into an argument with a colleague of mine who insisted on keeping his sticker on his new car because the dealer told him to. The thing is, the sticker is to be kept till the car is sold. It even says so on the fine print on the sticker. he’s sticker-less now :-):-)

  5. Navin says:

    The sticker would be there only if you end up buying a brand new car or rent/ lease the latest model or purchase it almost new from someone who’s selling it when he/she bought it new.

    I’m not sure but it’s mandated by some motor body to compulsorily have it and I guess people just let it be. For example when I had bought a brand new vehicle last year I thought of it as an obstruction because it would block the view of my rear seated passengers.

    But anyway I let it be and it automatically came off I guess after 5 to 6 months… :)

  6. Pedro says:

    I removed mine before I tint and add protection on all my cars when I buy them but Man its a Pain in the *** to be removed like it was glued or something. I think Car dealers should remove them and keep them in the car just incase the new owner wants to own it for some reason

  7. Malcolm says:

    I honestly thought people kept it on just to show they bought a new vehicle… LOL

  8. Sulaiman-COGNAC says:

    My dad’s car is rated poor and he keeps the sticker because he’s proud of that XD, he thinks it would piss off people who are concerned about the environment. He’s desperate to get a “very poor” car as well.

  9. muhammad says:

    I think they are kept because some people want to feel that the car is new and maybe want to let everybody know about. plus when they sell it and the stickers is still there ,the seats are still covered with plastic bags and the car looks very new it might get a higher price

  10. Khaled Alrashidi says:

    It is mandatory to have this sticker before delivering the car to the customer as of 2017 if I recall correctly, this sticker is meant to keep car consumption in the mind of the customer to keep fuel economy in consumer’s conscious.
    Some people forget about it, others keep it to show off they have new car and lastly some have old cars get a knock off sticker with excellent fuel economy to show off that their car’s fake good fuel economy and that their car is new.

    I have seen 2001 cherokee, Ford crown Victoria and 2007 land cruiser with this fake sticker showing “excellent” fuel economy with no figures you can get one of these in alzeena Street in Shuwaikh.

  11. Yousef says:

    This is like people that wear clothes with the brand hang tag or hats with brand stickers still in them. Ghetto

    • Pedro says:

      People still do that in 2018 ? Never understood the tag thing. I thought people keep the tags on to wear expensive clothing and return it later I might be wrong

  12. The Other Ahmed says:

    I’ve seen some taxis have these.

  13. Ed says:

    Because removing it requires a Phd in the history of how glue is used to piss people off.

    I ended up asking the guys who were tinting my windows to remove it because you can’t just peel it off.

  14. Wow Cool says:

    “ana 3ndi sayara yideedah, wooow cool.” I think that’s the only reason…

  15. Mb says:

    Same people who leave the sticker on their phones im sure 😫

  16. AP says:

    Reminds me of my cousin who won’t remove those big 4k Ready stickers from his TV

  17. LinK says:

    I got my Tahoe a few months ago, when I told the sales guy to remove the paper he was kind of shocked, I guess most people like to keep it to make sure everyone knows it’s a new car. I didn’t want to brag about having poor gas mileage.

  18. LinK says:

    I got my Tahoe a few months ago, when I told the sales guy to remove the paper he was kind of shocked, I guess most people like to keep it to make sure everyone knows it’s a new car. I didn’t want to brag about having poor gas mileage.

  19. Kong says:

    Pretty obvious actually. In Arabic on the bottom it has a threatening message about getting in trouble with the law if you remove the sticker. I understand that this is meant for the car dealership, but most people don’t understand that.

  20. Kuwait says:

    I kept it because it’s not peeling of well. I’m too lazy to do anything about it.

  21. Paranoid Sense says:

    As Kong Said its pretty obvious if you read the only black part in the white sticker it gives a statutory warning stating the following

    “Removing,Covering or damaging this label before sale is punishable by law”

    Even though it serves as warning for the car dealership people tend to be paranoid about it and leave it as is.

  22. Jeremy says:

    My car is in the shop and my rental car has a sticker. I don’t take it off because it’s not my car. Now when I see the sticker on another I just think that they are renting too.

  23. Yousef says:

    People are not bothered to read what’s written on that sticker, it clearly says this sticker shall not be removed before the car is sold. The dealer can remove it after selling the car and clean the window for the customer as they already do the cleaning before delivery. At the end they dealers don’t want to be bothered about it.

    There is a solution for everything!

  24. Lulu says:

    I kept mine on because I don’t know how to remove it, it kept leaving residue whenever I tried. It’s a constant reminder of my failure

  25. Yousef says:

    Because it’s illegal.

    I’ve rented a car from Al-Mulla rentals and it’s actually mentioned on the sticker that it’s illegal to remove it IF you’re renting the car. However, if you buy a car, then it’s your legal right to decide whether or not you want to remove the sticker.

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