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Video of SUV Flipping Goes Viral

Yesterday someone on Reddit shared a video he took at a beach in Abu Halifa. The video shows a guy driving an SUV (Toyota FJ Cruiser) carelessly on a beach when he suddenly loses control and the car flips over throwing the driver out.

That original post disappeared but not before the video quickly going viral locally. It even started going viral online with one post getting 54,000 up votes and a reel on Instagram getting over 5 million views.

Supposedly the car was stolen and the driver was later apprehended although I can’t find a news site verifying that information. If you haven’t watched the video or if you want to watch the full unedited video, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube and shared it in this post.

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He is clearly a drifter in the true sense of the term. I would be prepared to wager a juvenile delinquent from the 80s or 90s generation begat him (as horrible as that may sound). Equally, he may never have lifted a book in his entire life. I am more worried for the safety and well being of on lookers and those who unfortunately found themselves in his vicinity.

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