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Sam Chui Flies Kuwait Airways

Sam Chui, one of the most popular aviation and travel vloggers in the world was invited to Kuwait by Kuwait Airways recently. That was a couple of weeks ago when the airline made a number of announcements including the revealing of the new flight attendant uniforms. His video of the trip just went up and there really isn’t anything revealing or controversial.

But I did find one thing odd, Sam was getting a tour of the Kuwait Airways headquarters and the CEO mentioned that the building was inspired by the stealth bomber. I thought that was an odd design decision for a civilian airline headquarters.

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So Kuwait Airways bring this guy over officially. Pull out all the bells and whistles and he is granted back access and extensive one on one with the CEO. BUT they couldn’t put his flight on a telescopic gate?!?!?! He had to take a bus to the airplane like its 1970.

Many airport designers copy or replicate something else that interests them. Check out Denver CO airport design & its many odd similarities to some odd things

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