The 8 Most Powerful Kuwaiti Businesswomen

Over the weekend Forbes Middle East revealed their annual list of 100 Middle East’s Most Powerful Businesswomen and 8 from Kuwait made it this year. The U.A.E. and Egypt scored the most entries at 15 and 12, followed by 11 from Saudi Arabia and then Kuwait.

Check out Kuwait’s top 8 below:

4. Shaikha Khaled Al Bahar
National Bank of Kuwait Group (NBK)

6. Wadha Ahmed Al-Khateeb
Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)

12. Dana Nasser Al Sabah
Kuwait Projects Company (Holding) – KIPCO

20. Henadi Al-Saleh

22. Eaman Al Roudhan
Zain Kuwait

34. Jehad Al-Humaidhi
Ahli United Bank of Kuwait

35. Nadia Bader Al-Hajji
Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC)

88. Nadia Akil
United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC)

For the full top 100 list for 2023, click here.

13 replies on “The 8 Most Powerful Kuwaiti Businesswomen”

I was gonna make a joke about the botox awards, but surprisingly the majority are normal. Faith in humanity partially restored.

If this isn’t the shittiest comment I’ve seen on this blog, I don’t know what is. Congratulations on being an asshole

ahh this makes me so proud I hope this list keeps on growing and gives more confidence to the ladies and women of this country to strive and do better

is this list specially for Kuwait women or ?, as i can see Elham Mahfouz from CBK is not included here, though she ranks among the list !!

List of most powerful “kuwaiti” women and not women in Kuwait. Sorry thats how Forbes did the rankings, I would have prefered list of most powerful women in Kuwait in general.

I would have if they had listed where the companies are based or where the businesswomen are based. if I didn’t know what CBK was I wouldn’t know it was in Kuwait.

The amount of comments obsessed with the businesswomen’s looks is disturbing. Can you not objectify these businesswomen and focus on their accomplishments? kthx.

The list focused on their accomplishments. I don’t see why a man gets to say what we can or cannot say about a woman. As a woman, the fist thing I noticed is their looks, and every woman I know is similar. My ministry is overwhelmingly women, and the “sujet du jour” yesterday was all about the looks of the ladies (and I’m talking about the whole 100).

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