Eissa & Jude’s Wooden Toys Made in Kuwait

Eissa & Jude is a small local husband and wife business dedicated to creating high-quality wooden toys to inspire mindful play. Because they’re a local brand, the wooden toys are inspired by everything we grew up with in our unexplored desert. I posted about them when they first launched in early 2021, but since then, they’ve launched their online shop, added a lot more toys to their collection, and have exploded in popularity.

Recently they showcased their toys at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair, the largest international trade fair for toys and games. They were the first Kuwaiti toy company to showcase there, which is a pretty big deal since it’s a lot of international exposure.

Their toys are created, designed, and produced in Kuwait by local talent at a beautiful family farm. Check them out @eissa_jude and

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