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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Below are all the events I found taking place this weekend. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments:

Thursday, Feb 9
Shrek The Musical
The Promenade Family Fun
DAI Musical Evening: Evgeny Khmara
Kuwait TECH Expo
Hangouts at LAPA
Art & Pizza Bash

Friday, Feb 10
Shrek The Musical
RED Expo
Kites Watching in Bnaider
Kuwait TECH Expo
Touch of Hope
Discover Pre-Oil Kuwait Walk
Kuwait Sieger Show
Yoga & Horses
Qesati x Art Scene
Porsche Club Festival

Saturday, Feb 11
Shrek The Musical
RED Expo
Kuwait TECH Expo
Mega Study Abroad Expo
Treasure Hunt At Alshaheed Park
Workshop: Embroidery & Sewing
Trash Tag Beach Cleanup
Kuwait Stadion
Kuwait Sieger Show
Master the Oats
Love & Art Workshop
Cinema Night at Al Andalus
Movie Night Sea Cruise
Clothing Swap & Shop

Ala Taraf Lisan Al Ard
Life Forms & Indigo Expressions
Speculative Horizons

Albohayra Farm
Ascend Rock Climbing
Indoor Karting
Little Jungle
Murouj Farm
Movement Classes at Omni Studio
Roller Blade at Roller Hub
Yoga at Darātma

Museums to Visit
Abdullah Salem Cultural Center (ASCC)
Amricani Cultural Center Museum
Bait Al Othman Museum

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