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The Story of Takween Bookshop

I just read a nice little article by Bothayna Al-Essa on her story of how she opened Tawkeen Bookshop. It was a pretty entertaining read and she basically explains how things first started, and some of the struggles she had.

If you’re looking for something to read, check it out.

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Everyone deserves to have a Takween bookshop in their neighborhood. It is a great equaliser- one that is an effective antidote to the crass consumerism engulfing & cannibalising us all. Both the Avenues & 360 are itching for one. Takween is perfect setting for meet ups of the Toastmasters, the Writer’s Guild and other creatives who like to come together for book readings, book launches or merely to practise their craft of ‘tsunduko’. More power to Ms. Bothayna & her tribe. May her tribe increase and rise!

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