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What a 4,500KD a Night Hotel Room Looks Like

Back in February, I got a tour of a 2,000KD-a-night hotel room but a friend told me there was a more luxurious 4,500KD-a-night room at the St.Regis. So I got in touch with them and after a bit of back and forth getting all the approvals, yesterday I finally got a tour of their 4,500KD-a-night Amiri Suite.

The 400sqm suite was designed to be a luxurious home away from home for royalty, diplomats, and celebrities. The suite can’t be booked online only by phone. It has a beautiful view of JACC and a lot of features including:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Barber Area
  • Meeting Room
  • Video Conference Room
  • Large Dining Area
  • Massage Room
  • Fitness Area
  • Sauna and Steam Room

Unless someone proves me wrong, I believe this has to be the most expensive hotel room in Kuwait. If you want to see some nicer photos of the room, they a few on the @stregiskuwait website. Link


Hyatt Centric Hotel 1954

A new 1950s themed hotel is opening up in Khiran:

The Kuwaiti people have a nostalgic view of the 1950s and the associated era of timeless cinematic classics. 1954 hotel provides a glimpse into this era by bringing back common elements from this period and linking them to more current trends. The drive-in cinema and food truck park both promote a more casual environment with direct links to the 1950s. The hotel provides architectural references in both form and detailing, while still being a modern example of hospitality.

No opening date was shared but the mall the hotel is connected to is expected to open in May. More info and renders here.

Thanks lovelykuwait & ChaoticTranquility


Cool Cabin Getaway in Wafra, Kuwait

This cabin which looks like it’s located in a remote area of Montana is actually in Wafra. The retro-looking A-frame building has 3 bedrooms with a second smaller cabin next door that has another extra bedroom. There is also an outdoor temperature-controlled pool, a small pond, and lots of greenery and hills around the 10,000 sqm property.

One night at the A-frame costs 150KD while a weekend is 500KD. It holds up to 8 people, so find enough friends and that’s around 60KD per person for a weekend getaway in Kuwait. @a_framekw

Food Interesting

Pret A Manger Food Donations

If you’re a fan of Pret you’re probably aware that in the UK, any unsold food is always donated through the Pret Foundation.

So this got me thinking, what about Kuwait? Last week I reached out to Pret to find out and it turns out that in Kuwait it’s no different.

Locally, Pret A Manger has partnered up with the local non-profit organization re:food to try and make a difference. Every day any unsold food is donated by Pret to re:food who then take it and pass it along to the people who need it the most.

It’s a win-win for everybody and so I hope more places start doing this.


Redeveloping Souq Mubarakiya with Trams

Since Souq Mubarakiya is under renovation due to the fire earlier this year, an architect asked the question, what if we redeveloped it with trams? Using the artificial intelligence program Midjourney, he was able to generate a few images which I think look great.

Souq Mubarakiya might be too small to need a tram but it could work if it started in the old village under construction across from Seef Palace and then continued through the market and back down to the Kuwait National Museum and library. Check out more photos @architect_abdulahad


SVN Beach Resort Opening Soon

SVN (pronounced seven) is the name of the new beach resort that took over the old Cornich Club location on the Gulf Road. It’s a collaboration between BNK and Inspire Fitness and they’re now getting ready to open soon. They have an exclusive opening event this coming Thursday and the resort itself will open up early next year.

So far from the little I’ve seen, it looks really cool, definitely trendier than anything else around right now. @svn_kw

Correction: I was informed that Inspire are just managing the fitness area of SVN and aren’t partners.


So Many Tourist Overlanders!

Is it me or is Kuwait getting a lot of Overlanding tourists this year? Back in September, I posted about Petra, the German lady traveling around the world in her huge MAN KAT 8×8 but I keep spotting other visiting overlanders parked on the Gulf Road or mall parking lots. Yesterday one tourist overlander posted a photo showing three other overlanders parked near him. It seems they all use the app iOverlander which has a list of safe to camp spots in Kuwait and around the world which is how they all end up parked in the same spots.

Speaking of places to park, all the Gulf Road parking lots are starting to look like RV campgrounds with lots of motorhomes (not overlanders) parked each taking up multiple parking spots. We clearly don’t seem to have any regulation against this and you know what that means, eventually they’ll just ban motorhomes so they don’t have to deal with it.

Anyway back to the subject, currently, there are at least 4 overlanders passing through Kuwait, @aufaufunddavon_, @the_travely, @busleven and @defendter_. It’s really interesting checking their accounts and watching what they do while they’re in Kuwait. They all seem to really love it here, @busleven for example have spent the most time in Kuwait than any other place they’ve been to so far because of how much they’re liking it. So check out their accounts, they usually all have great photos as well.


Tinder Dates Gone Wrong

@datingkw is a TikTok account where the owner shares her Kuwait Tinder date stories. The account reminded me of some of the previous ones I’ve shared before like Single in the Shires and I Date Kuwait, both of which are no longer active.

There are currently a few stories up, hopefully, she keeps adding more since they’re pretty entertaining. Check out her account here.


The Central Bank of Kuwait Podcast

This is completely random but the Central Bank of Kuwait launched a podcast a few days ago. They’re the last people I would have expected to start a podcast, but they seem they have a good reason for it. According to the podcast description, they want to introduce economic and financial awareness to people and explain major economic concepts to non-financial folks.

They currently have one episode up so far which is on inflation, so if you want to check it out, click here.


Darknet Diaries: Gulf Bank vs Voulnet

A few days ago a very interesting episode of the Darknet Diaries podcast was released discussing the “service disruption” that Gulf Bank had back in 2019 in which they supposedly lost $9 million. Back then, a local cyber security consultant, Mohammed Aldoub (@Voulnet) discovered evidence that led him o speculate that Gulf Bank might have been hacked similarly to how some other banks around the world at the time that were getting hacked through the SWIFT system. Gulf Bank denied they had been hacked and although Mohammed never mentioned Gulf Bank in his tweets, they ended up suing him and taking him to court. Mohammed eventually won the case last year but only after it cost him a lot of money and time.

The podcast episode is fairly short at around 30 minutes and is pretty interesting. I listened to it on Spotify but you could also listen to it on the Darknet Diaries website. The interview starts 5 minutes into the podcast.

If you found this story interesting, the cyber security website Cyberscoop published an article on the subject last year titled “Trial & Error in Kuwait“. The article has a bit more details and is also fascinating to read so check it out.

50s to 90s Interesting Mags & Books

Kuwait back in 1831

Over the weekend I was reading passages from a book by a British journalist who was describing Kuwait after visiting it back in 1831. The book written by Joachim Stocqueler is called “Fifteen Months’ Pilgrimage Through Untrodden Tracts of Khuzistan and Persia, in a Journey from India to England.” It’s two volumes but the passages I was reading were from volume 1. I thought it was interesting and wanted to share two page from one chapter which you can read below:

Koete, or Grane as it is called in the maps, is in extent about a mile long, and a quarter of a mile broad. It consists of houses built of mud and stone, occasionally faced with coarse chunam, and may contain about four thousand inhabitants. The houses being for the most part square in form, with a courtyard in the centre, (having the windows looking into the yard,) present but a very bare and uniform exterior, like, indeed, all the houses in the Persian Gulph. They have flat roofs, composed of the trunk of the date tree. The streets of Koete are wider than those of Muscat or Bushire, with a gutter running down the centre. A wall surrounds the town on the desert face, but it is more for show than protection, as it is not a foot thick. To keep up the farce, however, a trench has been dug around the wall, and two honeycombed pieces of ordnance protect each of the three gates. Beyond the wall, nothing is to be seen but a vast sandy plain, extending to a distance of more than sixty miles. Not a tree, not a shrub affords the eye a momentary relief.

Koete within the walls is equally sterile, it literally yields nothing; and when to this is added the fact of the water being far from sweet, it is difficult to conjecture how such a site could have been chosen for the establishment of four hundred families. I was informed that the Arabs had only been in possession of the place about one hundred and
fifty years, and that previously to that period it was occupied by Englishmen and their forces, who received or conquered it from the Portuguese, in whose hands it enjoyed some notoriety during the plenitude of their importance in India.

It certainly is a commodious harbour for small craft, and may probably have been occupied by the Portuguese, (the English could have had nothing to do with it, ) on account of the command it gives over the mouth of the river of the Arabs, and the power it thus conferred of interrupting the Turkish and Venetian trade with India.

If you want to read more, the full book is available to download in PDF format. Passages above start at page 18. Here is the link.

Also an original copy of volume 1 is available on eBay if you want to buy it. Seller is asking for $3,000 but I was able to negotiate down to $1,350. Here is the link to the book on eBay.

Photo on the very top is unrelated and from 1903. Source

Fun Interesting

The Longest Indoor Slide in the World is in Eqaila

The longest indoor slide in the world just opened inside 89 Mall in Egaila. The slide spans 6 floors and measures 85.02m, beating the previous record-holder, a slide in Taiwan that measured 74.638m.

You can now book a ticket for the slide… if you’re willing to pay 6.5KD for the experience. Even if it’s the longest one in the world, 6.5KD seems like a lot to pay for just going down a slide. In any case, if you want to book a ticket you can do so from their website You can also check out their Instagram account @loopz.q8


Kuwait is the Cheapest Country to Mine Bitcoin

Currently, Kuwait is the cheapest country to mine digital currencies like Bitcoin. As compared to other countries you don’t have to spend huge amounts on crypto mining. If you are thinking of mine Bitcoin then you can move to Kuwait and start your crypto without incurring much expense every month.

Kuwait has a relatively low cost of living which is why services are pretty cheaper as compared to other countries. Also, another reason for cheap electricity is that sunlight is abundant in Arabic countries like Kuwait. Hence, there is an abundance of solar energy that can be converted to electricity. Source

The article doesn’t mention a source but it looks like the conclusion might be based off a research paper published back in November that states:

Kuwait is the most affordable country to mine Bitcoin, with an electricity cost per Bitcoin of $880. Similarly to many other countries in the Middle East, Kuwait has almost limitless oil and gas reserves, and the government is also heavily subsidizing electricity prices.

I never got into bitcoin but I do see a lot of mining rigs going up for sale in the classifieds section all the time. If Kuwait is indeed one of the cheapest places to mine then that would explain why so many people try it out here but I’m having a hard time believing it can be $880 per Bitcoin, that seems super cheap.

Interesting News

Forbes Highlights Kuwait’s Yarmouk Park

Forbes Middle East posted about Yarmouk Park few days ago. Yarmouk Park is recognized as being the first environmentally friendly park based on recycled materials and waste. If you haven’t been to the park before you can check out some more photos of is @forbesmiddleeast

Animals & Wildlife Interesting

Shaab’s Duck Park

I hadn’t heard of Duck Park until a few days ago when I stumbled on an old post by @natureinkuwait. It’s a small park located in Shaab that has a small pond and ducks!

The photos on Instagram looked a lot nicer than it was in reality but that mostly has to do with the fact there wasn’t any water in the pond when I passed by. Not sure why there’s no water but there were a few ducks there just playing in the mud. The park overall is pretty nice, small but looks well taken care of and features a climbing rope section for kids along with some swings and toys. There are also birdhouses scattered around including a pretty large one with multiple holes and a rooster that was roaming around freely.

If you want to pass by and check out the park, here is the location on Google Maps.