Talabat Now Using ChatGPT for Support

Yesterday I had a Talabat order where the driver hadn’t moved from his spot in nearly 20 minutes. I thought he might have gotten into an accident so I decided to contact Tabalat support to check on the situation, and that’s when I noticed they’re now using ChatGPT to answer regular support questions.

When you click on “Get Help” you now automatically get ChatGPT customer support by default. You can still get a hold of a real employee if you want to chat with a live person, but the default option now is ChatGPT which I thought was interesting.

The thing is, most of the time when I am talking to a real person, I think I’m talking to a bot due to the very odd language they tend to communicate with. They’re super helpful don’t get me wrong, I actually think Talabat’s customer support has improved a lot recently, but the phrases and words they use when being super friendly is really weird. I think I’m going to start saving them all so I could share in a separate post.

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Does it still give a refund if the order is bad ? Or you need to contact a live agent if there’s any problems?

Is it useful I mean

depends, like because my order was late, as soon as I clicked on get help for my order I was offered a 1KD voucher because of the delay. Sometimes when I contact a live agent just to ask about an order or to cancel an order because it’s late they also give vouchers.

chatgpt chatbots are great for businesses because they can get rid of people and save money, while pretending to provide great customer servcei. they are terrible for customers because customers have no idea whether the bots are lying to them. there are rarely consequences for businesses when their chatbots lie to customers.

we already have the technology to tell customers the obvious without the use of of AI (order status, order location, driver name/number, expected delay, etc). AI chatbots are really good at giving false answers that are totally convincing. what can the AI do that a dumb chatbot can’t?

I think businesses are starting to roll out AI like Chat GPT as shiny new objects / features in an attempt to wow their customers. I don’t believe there is much difference than a chat bot in this case except it may drive a result more rapidly?

I agree. Sometimes their customer service rep will use phrases like, I care for you deeply. I am here for you. LOL. Its a bit creepy.

This tells us how quick adaption of AI is leading to unemployment,
3 years down the line there will be no need for human agents in this service

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