The Gulf Road is Finally Getting a Bicycle Path

The Gulf Road is one of my favorite places in Kuwait but the lack of a bike path is very frustrating. I ride my bicycle on the walkway close to the water but the path isn’t wide enough for both bicycles and people when it’s busy and even when it’s empty the pathway is fairly rough to ride on using a road bike. Because the only other alternative is riding on the road with the cars ,I put up with the issues because I don’t really have another choice.

But looks like we’re finally going to get a dedicated bicycle path.

SSH, the architecture and engineering consultant firm have just taken over the waterfront project. SSH are the same people behind such projects as the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC) and the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre (ASCC) so I’m very excited about this.

The 9.7-kilometre-long waterfront project will stretch from the Yacht Club in Salmiya all the way to the Kuwait Towers and offer essential amenities for visitors, over 60 commercial and investment opportunities for local businesses, various sports activities, swimming areas, a bicycle path, a jogging path, and a recreational area for children.

The project timeline is 1 year.

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I’m not sure if you expected someone to snap their fingers and voila…the bicycle path and other facilities would have appeared out of thin air.
Obviously there would be work involved in order to beautify the place…a little sacrifice now for the long term hopefully!

in this 1 year can they also educate people what a bicycle path is and how you are not allowed to stroll on it !

They should do a BoT for this beautiful project with the municipalities of either Dubai or Abu Dhabi as the Baladiya in Kuwait for all practical purposes is defunct & dysfunctional.

It was Amiri Diwan Project ; They built it in 22 months , design was done two years priori is what I understand . Amiri diwan took over the project implementation and got it done in record time . The only government body in kuwait who can get things done in as per their promises .

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