Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Banned in Kuwait

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse was meant to be released in the region on June 22, but last week it got banned in Kuwait and across the region. The reason behind the ban is due to the presence of transgender symbolism in the film, a “Protect Trans Kids” poster which appeared briefly during one scene (pictured below).

Whats interesting is that we’ve recently started seeing more movie bans and less censorship and that is supposedly due to the studios no longer allowing cinemas to edit their films. Disney and Sony have both recently not allowed Asian countries to edit out LGBT content so the only option cinemas have is to ban the films outright. It’s interesting because they previously would allow cinemas to edit out nudity or kisses, so it’s odd that they aren’t allowing LGBT content to be cut.

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Good, let them keep their LGBTQRST+ pro movement to themselves. It’s getting annoying on how the West shove this twisted ideology into everything.

That’s because your opinion is as ignorant as it gets. No to lgbt indoctrination, but let’s ban any expression of it. That’s totally not our own version of indoctrination because if we do what we accuse them of doing then it’s a-ok. Also, religious indoctrination anyone? Kids being indoctrinated is fine I guess as long as it’s not from the West…

This is why parents should monitor their children to the age of adolescence. The indoctrination is coming from every corner. And I’ll take whatever indoctrination you’re talking about than taking this mad woke bullshit down my throat.

No one is denying the existence of gay Arabs and Asians but it is not an argument just because ”it’s biological” and just FYI, transgenders are not biological and is a mental concern that needs to be addressed properly instead of encouraging the youth into believing what they feel is their truth and the reality of it can be ignored.

Since they are not allowed to make edits, banning seems to be the right thing to do.

It is NOT biological. It’s called sexual preference.

Gays were and will always be around, but promoting this sick ideology in cartoons and at schools should be stopped.

Not sure if you’re old enough to remember but back in the day they tried banning violent video games like Mortal Kombat and GTA because they were worried if children played these games they would turn out to be violent adults. Obviously thats dumb and I’m sure you’re not a violent person because you played street fighter and I don’t think you speed on the roads because you play GranTurismo. But what you’re saying now is basically that, people shouldn’t play violent games because they might go an shoot people. People shouldn’t see 2 guys kiss on tv or they will become gay.

If it’s a preference, that means you can choose. If you’re choosing to be heterosexual, it means you have an inclination to be something else.

Food for thought.

I don’t see how something most people will miss is causing such a stir.

I guarantee you most anti-woke people here will torrent this movie.

fr bro like theyre acting like this flag that appears for a frame will make people start becoming gay nude models that love men

Well, “the West’s” previous ideology in Hollywood was portraying anything other than white as uneducated, strange and evil. Isn’t it a good thing that their current ideology is people shouldn’t murder people? 🙂

Meanwhile, TOD, a Qatari-owned streaming service has a show with an openly transgender character! 😂 (And one episode even featured the trans flag, so what’s the hypocrisy for?). They should just bump up the age rating or edit the film anyway, it’s not like the cinemas weren’t stopped from censoring Wakanda Forever.

to be honest, I have feeling that not many would’ve noticed it if they just simply cut the scene or blurred the flag instead of outright banning it.

talk about Streisand Effect.

On the sidelines of this ban here is some suitable viewing recommendation:
My beautiful laundrette
Trembling before God
Mambo Italiano

I don’t mind co existing with trans people as long as they don’t cross the line. But the problem is these people are starting to harass people to accept them. infiltrate in people by producing such contents. get offended and create a huge drama for the people who don’t want to accept. playing the victim card. schools in the west are having pride parades harassing Muslim or Christian students by being a bully. You can’t force people to love or respect. you earn them!

I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think a small poster appearing for a second in the background of a scene in a 2 hour long movie is considered harassing people.

likewise, the makers too can edit few seconds and release the movie, prevent from harming their box office collections. If you have watched John wick 4. there is a scene where John wick is at a art gallery. All the paintings on the wall were blurred but the whole scene was not edited out.

Then how come Muslims in the West have no problem living and/or working alongside LGBT people?? 🙄

How did you know they had no problem? Coexisting doesn’t mean acceptance. Some of them might really do accept them.

Guess, the country is gripped by entomophobia on the back of a worldwide release of Spider Man. If you feel insecure or uncomfortable about something simply ban it rather than looking the other way. In the market place of ideas in today’s highly wired and digital world such knee jerking by banning art, film or books not only does it make one look insular and closeted (sic) but also grossly stupid and uneducated.

Love you Kuwait! Next thing we know they would be teaching this crap in our schools!

I don’t think that gayism, LGBTQ+ is biological. It is a matter of preference. What would one do, if people start preferring incest? Countries should create moral boundaries and adhere to it.

you don’t have to think its biological, thats why there are scientists and doctors who make these decisions for you. But the fact you think being gay is a preference means you think you could be gay if you wanted to. That most likely means you are actually gay because for example I don’t have that preference, there is no way I could be gay even if I really really wanted to.

Also by incest, you mean cousins marrying cousins for example? because thats pretty normalized here.

Mark, this is a can of worms you don’t want to open.

What I long learned about this subject is that people will understand nothing, and will use any persuasive argument you use to publicly convinct you of immorality. It’s a dog whistle, let it go.

There’s no freedom of speech here.

Delete the comments, or disable them for your sake. Nothing good can come of it.

Freedom of speech.. Were you born yesterday? You realize there’s a line to be drawn no matter how much “freedom” you’re getting. There’s no ULTIMATE freedom of speech. When you live in a household, you have rules and restrictions to be applied. Curfew hours, bedtime, leasure activities.. Etc. Why wouldn’t a state doesn’t have those? To a child, telling him no more cookies for the day is like taking away his freedom of eating more. As long as he doesn’t really know why his father, the one responsible for his health and safety, does what he does, his father is nothing but an evil dictator. Unfortunately, Kuwait isn’t a perfect household, and it shouldn’t be as there’s no such perfect household anywhere in the world, and I do hope my point gets across.

Freedom is speech is not limited, if it’s limited than literally by definition it’s not freedom. And that’s why I said there’s no freedom of speech, and there isn’t.

If you think talking is harmful than surely the Kuwaiti bigots and racists with large followers, who spew all kinds of hateful and baseless rhetoric against the immigrants here should be tried in courts, no? Or is it just the ones preaching love and tolerance that should be met with limits and condemnation?

You seriously believe that don’t you? Such doctors and scientists are funded to say this crap. Goes to evolution as well. We’re at a point where if those scientists/doctors say one word against those matters they lose their jobs! Of course you will find alot of support to such nonsense. Also applied to products when their investors want them to be popularized. Pay a bunch of “scientists/doctors” and purplish verified proven data and results!
Incest, according to something you might’ve heard of called Islam, is the marital relation to your own mother, sister, aunt, nieces. According to you some societies (and not for religious reasons, enlighten me if there was) cousins are incest. To us, religiously and socially, it’s not considered incest.

@Hamad. Wait, you seriously don’t believe in evolution?! 😂 What next, you believe the Earth is flat?? 🤣

Shots fired!

Batten down the hatches … incoming xenophobic attack.. “but if you don’t like the country go back to where you came from…”

I am a doctor and its not biological that’s a lie
you keep saying that it is won’t change the truth

He’s a chiropractor! He thinks he is a doctor…

On a serious note – could you let us know where you practice so we might avoid being blessed with your wisdom ?

Thank you for the facts.

I think if Kuwait were to be so concerned about kids seeing this movie, maybe increase the age requirement to 18+ only and kids can only watch with parental guidance?

The issue with outright banning it is you are restricting personal freedoms of Kuwaitis and Residents and making the decision FOR them. I’m assuming this decision comes from a singular authority so who is this person to make the decision for millions of people?

Well I don’t have an issue with kuwait banning the movie or censoring it. Thats understandable. The reason I posted about this is because I found it weird that we weren’t allowed to censor this one tiny scene while previously we could sensor sex scenes, kisses and whatever. Like if this no censorship rule or ban the film was applied to every movie that would be great, but to just apply it to LGBTQ scenes?

Lovely. Each one of you yelling in their echo chamber expecting to actually say something that will change the other’s view. Ambitious, but futile. What MOI clearly asked, to blur the poster and keeps the entire movie as it is (as far as I’m concerned), but Disney do what Disney does: take the movie away, either show it unscathed or we’re taking it away. This is a clear indication of how serious the puppeteer about running his show, to keep the puppets swinging. So he just cut the cords. Apparently it’s considered “insular and closeted” nowadays to stand for your own beliefs and be intolerant towards this madness. Having morals and certain values became insecure and uncomfortably. Only someone so brainwashed wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. It would be cumbersome to address comments I’m against, but you get the point, I presume. Thing is, proper discussion needs a proper platform. Comment sections are never meant to change thoughts, they’re meant to reassure our beliefs and opinions. It’s rare when someone actually tries to understand the Truth, albeit to many it has become subjective and personal. It’s common to reassure what we know, what we’re comfortable in believing because it associate us with certain identities that reflect our own. The conservative want to solidify his stance against such vile acts to reassure his higher morality, protecting those who cannot protect themselves like children and adolescent. The liberal want to normalize and preach individuality and how everyone can be anything as long as no “harm” is done. Just like when a child can decide his gender and actually intake hormones. And so on. In the end we just sing our anthem, dump our prejudices, win the battle and march on.

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