Redeveloping Souq Mubarakiya with Trams

Since Souq Mubarakiya is under renovation due to the fire earlier this year, an architect asked the question, what if we redeveloped it with trams? Using the artificial intelligence program Midjourney, he was able to generate a few images which I think look great.

Souq Mubarakiya might be too small to need a tram but it could work if it started in the old village under construction across from Seef Palace and then continued through the market and back down to the Kuwait National Museum and library. Check out more photos @architect_abdulahad

9 replies on “Redeveloping Souq Mubarakiya with Trams”

Very pretty, but ultimately a waste of money. I am firmly against building wasting money on something with no benefit simply because it is pretty. This tram will put increased stress on the electrical grid, cost millions, require a hefty amount to maintain, be very unprofitable and require increased menial labour. The number of people who go to seef palace and/or the national museum is insignificant at most, footfall is essential. The only possible way I can see this working is from the financial district (hamrah, arraya etc) to the souk and that would be a massive project which would slow down traffic considerably in the capital. It will require people to walk in the sun/cold /dust/rain to catch a train to an overpriced cafe in somu rather than simply walk the air conditioned malls right under their buildings.

Hessah al Mubarak, that’s a different story it has residential zones, shopping zones, clinics and offices, significant footfall but it is a tiny area, people should learn to walk or bike a kilometre.

You know this isn’t real right? No one is actually building a tram network, this was just an idea that was translated into a rendering using Ai.

Kinda came out as a way to vent, i love trains and it pisses me off that we can’t have a metro because it’s economically unsound (which it 100% is without significant behavioural change). The city of silk and islands projects are going to parliament on Monday btw.

but…..but…..trams cost money…..and like a metro will mainly be used by expats… lets not do it, and instead lets waste more time stuck in traffic, blaming expats for creating traffic jams because they use cars instead of the tram or metro because there is no tram or metro because they’ll mainly be used by expats

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