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What a 4,500KD a Night Hotel Room Looks Like

Back in February, I got a tour of a 2,000KD-a-night hotel room but a friend told me there was a more luxurious 4,500KD-a-night room at the St.Regis. So I got in touch with them and after a bit of back and forth getting all the approvals, yesterday I finally got a tour of their 4,500KD-a-night Amiri Suite.

The 400sqm suite was designed to be a luxurious home away from home for royalty, diplomats, and celebrities. The suite can’t be booked online only by phone. It has a beautiful view of JACC and a lot of features including:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Barber Area
  • Meeting Room
  • Video Conference Room
  • Large Dining Area
  • Massage Room
  • Fitness Area
  • Sauna and Steam Room

Unless someone proves me wrong, I believe this has to be the most expensive hotel room in Kuwait. If you want to see some nicer photos of the room, they a few on the @stregiskuwait website. Link

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At least this room has some perks and extra facilities unlike the other one thatโ€™s just basically .. more rooms and more furniture. Both though have shit views lol.

Hi Mark, how come the Kuwestions page is no longer available? Is this a permanent thing or a temporary error?

Not really, it’s more the equivalent of having your own private jet. If Kim Kardashian came back to Kuwait she isn’t going to stay at the Ibis, she’s going to want to stay in this room.

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