Do you remember this tree?

It’s a do you remember this kind of morning. There used to be a huge tree inside Fashion Way (Mothercare) next to Sultan Center in Salmiya. I never thought much of it until a reader asked me if I had any photos of it since he couldn’t find any. I thought it was weird he wasn’t able to find any photos so I look myself but I also couldn’t find any.

Luckily another reader had a photo of it and sent it to me. I don’t know the story behind the tree but I do remember it was animated, and thinking about it now while looking at the photo, it was actually pretty impressive.

Thanks @janna_xxx

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Yes! I remember this tree! It would make sounds and music, and I believe there was even an elevator inside it too.

I remember staring at it as if it were a real tree while it opened its eyes and i was very impressed back then as a kid. there was a cartoon looks like the tree as well but i can’t recall its name.
I miss those days!

I do! It was awesome

There is actually a lot of companies that build animatronic trees similar to this one, so a Google search gave me so many variations from different countries

Oh it takes me back big time!!!! I used to stair and watch for hours while my mom shops i couldn’t get enough of it. I was very impressive to me as a kid. Feels like I’m a leave character from an animation. Bless our hearts we had a dreamy childhood.

I remember it. There was a Seattle Coffee Shop (I think thats the name) next to it.
Don’t know if the story is true but Starbucks bought out the Seattle coffee shop, then offered the current kuwait agent an Asia wide license and now we got starbucks everywhere.

The cafe was changed to a Starbucks for a few years towards the end before they closed down Fashion Way. Remember going there for a coffee a few times since it was cozy and chill.

Yep! I remember this tree very well!

It has an elevator in it if I recall, as well as having multiple smaller animatronic animals (birds, etc)

The sounds and music were awesome.

No that was a different place. You’re referring to the cafe/restaurant at the top floor of Centrepoint, which iirc had decor that kinda resembled a jungle setting and was a bit dark. Damn this takes me back lol. Would be great if anyone had pics of that cafe in Centrepoint too

Growing up, we frequent Mothercare back in the day both for the restaurant and for this display. We’ve always accustomed the tree to that of Disney’s Pocahontas. What was amazing was how it was technologically advanced where it animates! Good times!

I had vague recollections of this tree maybe weeks ago and now you post about it. Was there a restaurant on one of the higher floors? I only remembered something about the tree or some jungle themed place because my family and I used to go to a restaurant there because my father liked going there. I could always feel the tension between my father and mother because their relationship was so terrible. Good times. I’m still not sure if it’s this place or another jungle themed place, though.

You might be thinking about Pizza Hut in AlKhaleejia building in Kuwait City. I remember it was jungle themed and had some sort of fake tree in the middle

Saw this tree when i visited Kuwait as a kid… very impressive…sadly the security guard wouldn’t let us take any pics there…and made my dad delete the pics he took😑

Security guards in most shopping centres in Kuwait would get finicky with people taking pictures. I think they were misled into thinking the country’s malls and leisure facilities and its oil installations were the same. This is before the android revolution of 2008 with a camera in every mobile. Today it will look incredibly lame if they have a problem with people taking pictures and selfies. I have a recollection of the security in Al Fanar Mall who came barking after my aunts who had come visiting in 2008.

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