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Do you remember this billiards place in Salmiya?

There used to be a pool hall in Salmiya behind Hungry Bunny called Shark or Sharx, not really sure. I can’t seem to find any information about it online or that it even existed. But a reader sent me the snippet above from a Russian news channel that had filmed a short report in the place and you can watch it above.

If you remember anything about it let me know.

Thanks Janna

Update: Turns out it wasn’t behind Hungry Bunny but instead next to Zahra Complex. Here is a photo of the building that was in taken from

Update2: Here is a photo of the entrance but taken after it had shut down

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Oh yeah I remember that place. Was very darkly lit, and had unusually hot waitresses (intentionally chosen to attract the target demographic).

There was another very seedy place from that same era called Aladdin Cafe, it was right at the entrance of the underground pedestrian tunnel in Salmiya.

I remember this place! It was called, Sharx. My mother and I would go there in early 2006 to use the internet there (not sure why, since we had internet at home, but I didn’t complain). You would pay for internet usage on their computers and the prices would start at 500 fils for 15 min and the price would go up depending on the amount of time you would spend (but on some days I could pay 250 fils for like 5-10 min depending on who was working the desk). You could also play online games, but I’m not sure which games they had. They also had a little snack bar area, so it lived up to its title as an “Internet Cafe”. One really interesting thing they had was a claw machine where the stuffed toys came with money! Some had KD10 notes and others had KD20 notes! I never won, probably because it was rigged lol. The place closed down sometime in the early 2010’s. Last time I visited was back in early 2007.

yes, it was behind or same building that had the bmw dealer in salem al mubarak street, right next to centerpoint. it was a basement, that had pool tables, and some counter strike gaming pc’s. i even know the guy in the red bandana in the video, used to go by the name skiki 🙂 lol … good old days…

I didn’t know this place since by then I was in university or had just started working, but I was told it was behind hungry bunny, across the street from Sultan. Which is the correct location? Owners name is supposedly Amer

It was in the same building as a Turkish restaurant, Pizza Hut, A Mini Cooper dealership, and a bank. The place was located in the basement. The building itself was located next to Centrepoint (there’s now a new building where there’s Shrimpy, Zain and Champion)

You should do one on the OG of all billiard places in salmiya, Montecarlo or Montys as we would all call it, a lot of us grew up in there, they had a gaming section as well at some point and the nicest guys on the counters.

there was also Jokers which we went to if montys was full , or then octopus if jokers was full.

good old times!

Montecarlo the one in old salmiya on the top floor? Don’t think that was OG. I lived in the building next door, hated the place, the kids there would come down and fight under my building.

Lol sorry that you had to go through that, but i was trying to point out that it was the most famous billiard spot with well maintained tables for reasonable pricing at the time. TBF i went there quite regularly and never got into a fight.

Octopus was the OG. People moved to Monty’s when octos shut down and would go to joker’s when monty’s was usually full or sometimes just because they’re tables were better and they served good food.

That in general, the situation in Kuwait remains calm, despite the invasion of Iraq. Schools continue to work, including ours at the Russian embassy. And that the students themselves are mostly worried about the upcoming exams and that the Sharx will close earlier😂 they just told that it’s a popular place to hang out, blablabla

I remember there was a similar place in Salwa, if anyone can remember the name. I remember Brother Louie ’98 remix was playing on the tv. I also managed to make out with my gf in a corner. #goodtimes

There were 2 places in salwa above the neighbourhood shopping centres, both had pool tables, internet computers, cafe, and music tvs. One was called bingo, the other karkadero. They were our main weekend hangout spots for years in late 90s.

A couple of weeks back I was looking for a photo or a video for Sharx but I couldn’t find any. It gives me back memories

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