What a KD2,000 a Night Hotel Room Looks Like

If you ever wondered what a KD2,000-a-night hotel room looks like, here you go. I originally saw this room last summer when the Grand Hyatt gave me a tour of the hotel, but back then the room was still being accessorized so I didn’t share any photos. A few days ago I went back to see the room because I figured it would make an interesting post.

So here are some facts:
– This is the Presidential Suite
– It’s 260 sq m
– It’s basically a luxurious large apartment, with 2 bedrooms, 3 living rooms, 3 bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a large dining room, a kitchen, and its own private elevator access

I tried to cover the whole room on video in under a minute and barely made it. I even had to leave out some parts like the kitchen and some corridors, that’s how huge the room is. Swipe left for the walkthrough video.

I heard there’s a KD4,500 per night hotel room in Kuwait as well which makes me think I should probably check that out next.

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Back in the day, I interned at the Sheraton and they had a special section of the hotel dedicated to around 8 suites under the St. Regis brand that you couldn’t book on the website, and those went for around 1600 KD a night minus tax… they were grand and generally used for super important guests of the government like the Queen of Sweden once and I think George Bush Sr.? Can’t remember the exact details

What else is included? Any free services for example? A part from the private elevator, it seems that the price is just for the room size and nice furniture, which is not worth it at all.

Tell us Mark, what’s inside the mini bar ?

If you are ever in Mumbai staying at the Heritage wing of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel ask guest relations to take you on a guided tour of their Tata suite and their Presidential suite. It’s quite a treat. Sharon Stone, Obama and I believe the Clintonses were put up there.

About 15 yrs back vaguely recall the Marina Hotel were all gung ho about what they liked calling the most expensive suite in town at $10,000 a night.

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