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Sneak Peek: Grand Hyatt Hotel

Yesterday I got a tour of the new Grand Hyatt Hotel that’s opening as part of the new 360 Mall extension. I have to admit, I went unprepared. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting the hotel to be anything special but I went out of curiosity. I even left my camera in the car because I didn’t think I needed it and I quickly regretted that as soon as I walked into the hotel.

The best way to describe Grand Hyatt is that it’s the hotel we’ve always wanted Kuwait to have.

Grand Hyatt is massive and there is so much to talk about and cover that I’ve decided to do it over multiple posts, a sort of a “Grand Journey”. For this initial post, I’m going to just quickly go through some of the main areas of the hotel which are the lobby, restaurants, spa, and a peek at one of the rooms. But over the next month or so, I’ll delve deeper into the various spaces and share more specific areas like the corporate meeting rooms or the VIP suites at The Arena which will be managed by Grand Hyatt. In a future post I will also go through the different rooms including the Presidential Suite which is so large it took me 45 seconds walking at a fast pace to get from one end to the other. If there is anything specific you guys want to see or know about, I could also put together a post covering those questions.

The Lobby
The hotel will have two three entrances, a small one at the mall side in the new extension of 360 next to the pond, and a main entrance from the street side that leads straight into the lobby (*Was just told there is a third entrance next to Table Otto in 360 Wadi). I came in from the mall side which is one level above the lobby so we had to take the stairs down. It’s a luxury hotel and so you get that premium feeling as soon as you walk in. The decoration isn’t very busy with lots of large empty spaces, the ceiling is very high, there is a striking large sculpture in the middle, and expensive artwork and pieces spread throughout the floor. It feels like walking into a luxury hotel in Dubai which is something we’ve lacked in Kuwait.

Saheel Lounge
The Saheel Lounge is on the same floor as the lobby and is composed of different styled seating spaces. It’s a social space where you can come have a drink or a small bite with a friend or someone you’re meeting.

There are three restaurants at the hotel and Liberté is the one most people will see and likely visit since it’s located partially inside the hotel, and partially inside the mall. It’s a modern brasserie and is located adjacent to the hotel’s mall entrance.

This is going to be the main hotel restaurant, it’s where hotel guests will come for breakfast but also where people would come for lunch. It’s the largest restaurant at the hotel and is described as a theatrical Turkish dining experience.

This is the restaurant I’m anticipating the most. It’s a fine dining Chinese restaurant that is really beautifully designed. It’s the area of the hotel I took the most photos of but it sadly won’t be ready in time for the hotel opening. The tentative opening date of MEI LI is currently October but that can change.

The Rooms
The hotel will have over 300 rooms including 21 that will have their own garden terraces, 35 Grand Club Suites, eight Junior Suites, and one Presidential Suite. From what I saw on the website while trying to book a room, prices will start at around 150KD a night without breakfast.

Noor Spa
This was also one of the most photogenic spaces in the hotel and will definitely be the most instagrammable area by fashionistas. The spa is split into half with a stream splitting the men’s and womens areas both of which have gyms, treatment rooms, and features like steam and sauna rooms. At both ends of the pool is a pathway that leads you to an outdoor area where you can tan and chill under the sun surrounded by water and greenery. The spa will be available to use by hotel guests as well as have a limited number of yearly memberships.

So that’s pretty much a quick rundown of the main areas of the hotel. As I said I’ll go into more details in future posts but for now I just wanted to give a general overview to start with. It really is a beautiful hotel and after finishing the tour and initially taking photos with my phone, I ended up going to my car and getting my camera and coming back to shoot a few more photos.

The hotel is set to open on August 15th which is less than a month from now. Booking is already open on their website which you can check out by clicking here or you can check them out on Instagram @grandhyattkuwait

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The hotel worked with a diverse creative team, including:
– CallisonRTKL: building architecture
– Meyer Davis: public spaces, guest rooms/suites, spa
– Autoban: ‘Stambul Restaurant
– ab concept: Liberté and MEI LI

It’s the market rate. St Regis charges 115, Four Seasons 125, Jumeirah 110. You should see prices in Riyad. I stay at 50KD a night hotels and so far they’ve all been really shady and terrible. Anything decent is 100+

I’ve never stayed in a 100+kd hotel so I can’t tell how good they’re but my experience with 40kd per night hotels in Dubai has been great.

Hmm yes, but they’ve got 300 rooms, each at 150+ kd a night, I doubt even 40% will be occupied at any given time.

to add to what u said, alot of GCC citizens also come to kwi for shopping, they come, spends a few days shopping (retail therapy) nd leave. got to know through one of the local chauffeur service companies, as they get booked to take the shoppers mall hopping etc….

Hotel looks amazing. Above somebody asked how 150 kd per night in kuwait. I also agree thats insane considering where you are & what you’re doing here. However those rates are geared towards companies & executives not tourists who actually don’t come to kuwait.
The Arena is a great idea, a cool concept, but in the wrong country. Local market mentality along with visa restrictions make it hard to appreciate what The Arena is designed for. 5000 seats for a most sports events in kuwait is near impossible to fill. If they wanted top notch Boxing or MMA events & they are willing to pay i can fill 5000 seats with ease BUT provide proper security.

The arena is doing great! who said it wasn’t in the right country? almost all of the music concerts held there were sold out as soon as the tickets were up. One of the singers played there 3 times in a row with a full audience, thats 15,000 people! And just imagine how many people didn’t get the tickets. In addition to the light expo thing they did where all the booths were reserved. And they even had comic-con there. The launch of the gulf games also took place there. I think the place is doing quite well.

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