Procedure After Losing a License Plate

This might come in handy one day, a reader recently lost one of his license plates and decided to share the process of getting a new one in case it happens to anyone else. Here are the steps he had to take:

  1. Go to the police station and get a police complaint

  2. Go to your traffic department and get an application typed by the typing center there (tell them you need to get a new license plate). You will need your civil ID copy, a copy of the car registration, and the original copy of the police complaint from the first step

  3. You’ll need to purchase a stamp, the amount depends on the type of license plate you have

  4. You need to go to the department head and get his signature and stamp. He will also ask you to write your name, number and sign the paper.

  5. After getting your paper signed you will have to go to one of the computer counters. They will enter your details and then call you and ask you to take photocopies of two papers and go to the license plates room. Make sure you don’t have any fines before giving them your papers or else they’ll give them back to you and ask you to go pay your fines first

  6. The license plates person will give you a small sheet of paper with details attached to the photocopies you gave them

  7. Take the paper and then head to the Assima traffic department in Shuwaikh and head to the license plate factory there which is on the ride side of the main building (Google Maps)

  8. Give the paper to the guy at the reception and he will ask you to get a signature from the manager. When you get that signature give the paper back to him

  9. He will ask you to wait and 5-10 minutes later you’ll have your new license plate

Thanks Uzair

4 replies on “Procedure After Losing a License Plate”

My License Plate is half broken, with all number still visible.

Should I apply for new plate? and Do I need a police complaint for this?

At which step you point out to the employees of the traffic department which shape of the plate you require (European /American)?

The reader forgot this important detail.

At step 4, they check what car you have and ask you to go to the specific “mudeer”. I don’t know if that is when they know the type of number plate. Mine said European, I have an Infiniti.

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