Kuwait Airways Sale Today

On the occasion of Kuwait Flag Day, Kuwait Airways have a 24-hour sale today with up to 25% off on ticket prices for all destinations. I just checked the price of tickets to Paris and Bangkok and both had only a 15% discount on the economy tickets but around 23.5% on the business class tickets. So the discount I guess will depend on where you’re flying to and what class.

The sale ends at midnight tonight. Link

Update: Discount doesn’t apply to the following days 16FEB-23FEB/19APR-22APR/22JUN-30JUN/01JUL-10AUG2023

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Or, those flights have not been scheduled yet and KAC is too embarrassed to admit it on their system, so the boss told them just put ‘sold out.’

I checked this theory on Travelocity. The flights are all there, totally empty, but they’re code-shared with Lufthansa in fine print 🙂

Funny i was looking for reservations 2 days ago in different locations across Europe. For some reason i didnt reserve any tickets and said i will do it later and luckily i did :)) checking today all the destinations are cheaper than what they were 2 days ago. This is for August bookings.

The Flag Raising Ceremony is an occasion held every February since the liberation of Kuwait of which the Emir or in this case the Crowne Prince on behalf of the Emir proceeds to Bayan Palace to raise the Kuwaiti flag. Once that is done the flags are raised in all Governorates of Kuwait , this is done at each Governorate building i.e. Mubarak Al Kabeer, Ahmadi, Jahra etc. signifying the sovereignty of the state and leading into Hala Febrayer

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