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Horrifying Kuwaiti Mythical Creatures

Kuwait has some interesting and scary folklore but most of it is being forgotten. So here are five horrifying creatures you might not know about:

Hemarat Algayla
This terrifying monster also goes by the simpler name Um Homar (Donkey Lady) and tells the story of a half-woman, half-donkey creature who seeks out and devours kids. The monster sleeps most of the day and night but wakes up to hunt at noon when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. Mothers would tell this story to stop kids from going out in the strong sun and get heat exhaustion. The story was a way to scare them to stay inside when it was the hottest time outside.

While Um Homar hunts during the day, Tantal hunts during the night. He was known to shape-shift and if he spotted a child out after dark, he would take the form of whatever the child feared the most and then chased them until the child dropped dead from their heart giving out. It was a way for the parents to keep their children at home after dark.

This monster was described as a Nubian slave who came back to life with giant teeth and a large appetite for children. He goes out hunting during the night near the sea looking for kids who are out alonem and once he finds one, he drowns them and then eats their corpse. Back in 1910 there was a bit of a scare in Kuwait and people became more terrified of this monster because a child had drowned and was never found leading people to believe he was eaten by Al-Seolu.

Um Al Sa’af Wa Alleef
This scary old lady is a witch like character that is composed of palm leaves and can fly. She was believed to have frighten badly behaved children who disobeyed their parents. She hides up in the palm trees amongst the branches and when the branches shake because of strong winds or heavy rains, the parents would scare the children telling them she was up there looking for naughty children to kidnap.

Bu Darya
This water demon goes by the name “the Father of the Sea”. He was half-man half-fish who roamed the deep seas. At night Bu Darya will swim to the surface near boats and thrash about in the water while screaming for help. Once a sailor tries to assist what they believed to be a drowning human, Bu Darya would grab the sailor and drag him under water and hold them there until they’re dead. Bu Darya also attacked pearl divers so he could steal their pearls and was known to drag sleeping fishermen off their ships to eat them.

Image on top is of a painting by Nawaf-Alhmeli @nawaf_art

Note: Original less detailed version of this post was published in 2011

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There is nothing mythical about Um Homar AKA Hemarat AlGayla, I’ve seen many on the roads of Kuwait. In this day and age, these blood thirsty donkey woman hybrids like to kill while driving their cars and using their phones at the same time. they are also notorious for getting furious at you although it was their fault all along.

I request Kuwait police to help us in this regard as its getting out of hand. donkey ladies (and even their husbands, half donkey half men) need to be stopped.

I was hit by one last month, she rear ended me and then had the audacity to say “I didn’t hit you” even though the markings on the car were clear.

Beware everyone of the Bayan Witch.

Denying reality is one of the main symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

I remember my family telling me bedtime stories about Tantal! Scared the shit out of me.

personally, I was scared of Hemarat Algayla (noon a$$)

I remember having a favourite post of the year but can’t remember which. This is my 2nd.

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