Self Guided Grand Mosque Tours Now Available

Starting last week, you can now explore the Grand Mosque without a tour guide.

From Sunday to Thursday, visitors can tour the Grand Mosque without a guide from 9AM to 12:30PM and then again from 4PM to 6:30PM. No booking necessary. You just need to head to the visitors lounge, register your basic info, and pick up a badge to enter the mosque.

If you want a guided tour, both English and Arabic tours are available from Sunday to Thursday at 10AM, and then again at 5PM. No pre-booking needed and the tours are free of charge.

Dress Code: No sleeveless shirts nor shorts for men, and full-length cloaks and headscarves for women

Location: Google Maps

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7 replies on “Self Guided Grand Mosque Tours Now Available”

Hey Mark! Thanks for the post! Might go there sometime.

I posted a comment on your Pick and Wendy’s Airport post back in 2018, can you give me feedback? And give me info about Potbelly? I never tried it but now I regret not trying it before they closed down, seems like a better Subway! 🙂

Also, do you think that Galleria is a standalone district in the Avenues Mall, or is it too small and is just part of Grand Avenue? (My opinion is the former)

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