The Mall of Kuwait

Post by Mark

This is a video presentation of The Mall of Kuwait which is currently being built. Judging by the video it looks pretty big but the most impressive thing has to be the 750 seat performance hall. The mall was originally scheduled to open this year but I don’t know if thats still the target time. [YouTube]

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  1. moose says:


  2. Nobu says:

    Yes, we need more shopping malls. We need more ZARAs and H&Ms. I like the theater thingy though. Where is this place at?

  3. STING says:

    i think the place is on al subahuya

  4. STING says:

    subahiya الصباحيه

  5. classy says:

    sad to know that HERMES BOUTIQUE will be opened in Kuwait :(

  6. Rollen says:

    to hell with universities, libraries, infrastructure, environment, schools, 21st century educational system, ignored cities, congestion, human rights and all the other garbage kuwait vitally needs… BUT WE NEED MORE MALLS!!

    back to my

  7. classy says:

    emm ,,,didnt discover subahiya yet, i will go and Google it
    with friends ;P

  8. Nobu says:

    Subahiya? Isn’t that where the bedouins live? What’s a mall selling Hermes doing there? It seems like they’re targeting the wrong demographic.

  9. Mark says:

    The further away the cheaper the land…

  10. kwt23 says:

    while opening new malls is great (since it’s the only thing kuwait is doing and they r spreading them in different places) i do think that the Bidi3 is a great place, and such a place should be remade in more than one area. Also, notice in the video that some parts are obviously taken from malls in the UAE!

  11. classy says:

    Nobu: thats why they are planning to open HERMES for the bedwens and am soooo HAPPY to know that :(

  12. crocko rock says:

    I heard Mall of Kuwait was possibly canceled.

    Tamdeen, as most major developers, are looking outside of Kuwait for opportunities.

    There is absolutely no need for this Mall, we have no Tourism, and a restrictive, unfriendly economic environment.

  13. uturn says:

    Almost all the movie is made of stock video and images unrelated to the actual mall

  14. Kuwait says:

    Yes, its in Sabahiya – where an old drive-in cinema was. Just off road 212 between Fahaheel and Ahmadi.

  15. Komsomol says:

    Funny that the performance theater will never be used because the MPs will prosecute any performers actually coming into the country as being vile and unIslamic.

  16. Hellraiser says:

    Wow another mall, as if Avenues, Sharq, Marina was not enough! Where is the innovation? No skiing, nor skating not one activity besides stuffing your face and emptying your pockets. One World One Destination (Visa not included) how cliche, I have to say Dubai had matured in innovation. It is sad to see that the new generation is mall oriented, this goes to show that making money is a priority to the developpers and that the government pays litltle attention to overall well beeing of its citizens.

    T-740 Days

  17. W says:

    Mall of Kuwait is not cancelled, actually it was originally scheduled to open 2010 but may be pushed further to 2010/2011. The reason it is located in Subahiya is not because the land is cheaper but because it is located in the old drive-in cinema which is owned by the same real estate company Tamdeen Group and because it is a tourist attraction to Saudis as well. Another good reason for it to be located in Subahiya is to move people away form the city and distribute the population on the weekends.

    As for Hermes, please note that the brands names (not fully shown in the videos) as just indications and nothing official. As far as i know, the building has not started construction yet.

  18. Mark says:

    2011?? thats agessss away

  19. classy says:

    Mark: it will pass like an eye blink

  20. zaydoun says:

    Classy… there used to be a small HERMES shop in Salhiya, part of Tanagra.. it is now the TUMI luggage shop

    And there is no way in HELL that Hermes would open in this mall. It just doesn’t fit the demographics. At the very least they could open a new shop in Salhia or in phase 3 of the Avenues which is supposed to be the luxury goods section

  21. crocko rock says:

    W, the project is on hold (and possibly canceled). There are many reasons that I will not disclose on here.

    Given that Kuwait already has a massive amount of useless Malls, there is no sense to open this in Kuwait.

    Mark, I have news for you…..Borders is coming to the Avenues Phase 2.

  22. Mark says:

    Not a big fan of books but if with Borders we will get a larger collection of magazines i am all for it. crocko how did you find out borders is coming?

  23. crocko rock says:

    “Insiders”…’s almost certainly confirmed……it will be located (potentially) on the Mezzanine right before the new food court area of Phase 2.

  24. crocko rock says:

    From a business perspective, it’s quite risky. Given that some progressive MP’s want to ban Star Academy, I can’t see how books will pass the censors eyes.

  25. iRise says:

    Most of the images were of other malls in the middle east. I think rendered imagery of the actual space would have been better for advertisement.

    Does anyone know how big this is going to be? Bigger than Avenues?

  26. Dana says:

    It has nothing to do with the land being cheaper. In Kuwait, Malls and big projects don’t buy the land, it’s the Government’s land (Amlak Dawla), and they just pay a yearly rent.

    You want to know how much Al-Shaya pay yearly to the Government? 100 fils per square meter. 10,000 KD! That’s it! It may sound cheap, but the Government is profiting from the land when it’s basically just sitting there. The lease though is only for 30 years, so it has a very big chance of being demolished in 30 or so year. Also, the same for Souk Sharq (Sultan family). Marina Mall on the other hand is owned by Sheikh Hamed (Emir’s son), and basically any Kuwaiti knows that all the Sheikhs before the war can put four poles on a land, and it’s theirs. No wonder Sheikh Salem Al-Ali is a multi-billionaire. Anyway, so yeah… Oh, and the Avenues got sold a month ago for 400 Million KD! The deal’s done, but it’s still kept under wrap.

  27. Damon Dash says:

    Dana don’t tell me it got sold to sahood al-mutairi who bought al fanar and sold it like a week later , something tell me he’s doing the same here

  28. Dana says:

    nah…. He emptied his piggy bank for that. He can no way afford to buy something for 1.5 billion dollars! It was sold to some local investment firm.

  29. The M Code says:

    Never mind the malls, here’s a mall.

  30. Realist says:

    There are already some shops in the Avenues that are not making money. I wonder what will hapen if phase 2 and 3 fully opens, 360 mall and the Mall of Kuwait. It will be one big mess on everyones hands. Until Kuwait opens up tourism and probably the best thing for Kuwait to compete on right now is to open up casinos all over the place, then and only then this will work.

  31. okra says:

    Is kuwait lacking malls?!
    I enjoy going to the malls but plz invest your money with something else :~(

  32. Susie says:

    I wonder if the recent financial crisis will make people realize that the consumer society that we’re living in is making the world a cut-throat and tragic place where a few get richer and many many many get poorer. In order for the designers to be able to afford the rent in this kind of complex they have to have their clothes produced by underpaid, underage CHILDREN in some of the poorest countries of the world. Has anyone though about getting out some of last year clothes and wearing them again – and perhaps thinking a little bit more of the world and humanity instead of your next Hemes scarf.

  33. Sami says:

    Looks like a good location for the people who live in the south side of Kuwait, they still gave the Kout Mall and Al Manshar to shop in though.
    could be quite a drive for people who live in Salmmiya and Close to the 3rd and 4rd Ring Roads know haw traffic has picked up lately and Kuwaiti people don’t like to drive far.
    Anyone knows about what’s the rent going to be like there?

  34. silvershine says:

    it seems mall of kuwait got cancelled as they didnt get approval for parking area

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