Photos of When Buffalo Bill’s Came to Kuwait in 1986

Post by Mark

When I was a kid I remember visiting the Buffalo Bill’s show that (I believe) was held at the Mishref Fairgrounds. I posted about it a few years back asking if anyone remembered it and not many people did. None of my friends remember it either but, the internet is amazing sometimes and a few days ago one of the Buffalo Bill’s performers who came to Kuwait in 86 sent me a few pictures of when they were in Kuwait. He was 24 at that time and he’s still got more pictures which he’s going to send but for now here are three.

Their setup was pretty legit so I imagine they were here for some time and not just for a few shows. Kinda like when a circus would come into town. You’ll also notice a number of brands in the background including Hungry Bunny, Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Alghanim Philips (now Xcite) and KNPC.

Thanks BgC!

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  1. Shabana says:

    I love your throw back posts, Mark! I share that interest with you…I’d love to see more from the 80’s, if you can find (probably would). I was a kid back then and my parents didn’t keep/take that many pictures. I’m curious to know what was going around when I was that age and had no clue…like this post above. Very cool, indeed. Thanks!

  2. Zeyad zer says:

    Imthe man who bring this to kuwait the show ran foe 29 days only due to politics oroblem 36 man and girl with a 40 horse , i bulid a special arena for that and and an old amarican city

  3. Zeyad zer says:

    Ran for 9 days only

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