Talks to Bring Pret a Manger to Kuwait

Post by Mark

According to a source, Al Yasra are in talks to try and bring Pret a Manger to Kuwait. Pret is already available in the UAE and so it would make sense to expand around the region. I always used to wonder where one would open a Pret in Kuwait since it works well in an area with some foot traffic that isn’t a mall. Now With all the coffee shops in the city creating a bit of foot traffic, that might actually be a great location for a Pret especially since its surrounded by office buildings as well.

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  1. em says:

    Shuwaikh, also Pick then gets some healthy competition :)

  2. A Proud Kuwaiti says:

    I love their spicy falafel wraps and cheese and tomato croissants. Used to frequent the one opposite Grey’s Monument in Newcastle.

  3. Salah says:

    People have been longing for Pret to open in Kuwait for a long time with no use. Now that Pick filled this spot, I am rooting for Pick to dominate the market. They proved to be operating on super professional level of consistency, quality, and value. This is one of the very few Kuwaiti concepts/brands that actually delivers all that every single time (in my personal experience at least) and deserves all the support. So yeah, go Pick!

    • amracer says:

      Great of you to support our local Kuwaiti concept. all the best for kuwaitis who work to earn profit and focus on food quality and customer satisfaction. we need more like them (Y)

  4. 9gager says:

    Does anyone know of any good Kuwait’s own coffee shop brands?

    I’m tired of the international brands to be honest.

    Plus i find Kuwait’s own restaurants and cafe brands to be much better than the international brands. They are really good and always a new sort of experience. Where as in international brands the the quality and service is always expected.. u know it doesn’t feel new or doesn’t give u that much of excitement.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

  5. M. says:

    The pret a manger Company does not franchise but have expanded internationally in the US, France, China and HK directly by the Company. I don’t know how accurate or credible this info. About Al Yusra are in talks with them as the Company not only does not franchise but also is not interested in the Middle East at this stage (apart from a Company owned single cafe at Dubai terminal 1). Their next target markets are South West Asia, Japan and Western Europe.

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