Speedway in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Damn, why don’t we have these kinds of races anymore? [YouTube]

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  1. Frankom says:

    is this is a football field?! LOL

  2. mac says:


  3. Nunya says:

    How good was that dramatic music! Though it was straight out of a Dirty Harry, or old James Bond movie : )

  4. Wishbone says:

    Just shows you how things used to be way way better in the 70s.

    If we had these types of races / activities there wont be enough advertisement that most wont even know about them now.

  5. praetorius_ph says:

    Kuwait WAS the leader in motor races in the middle east. but due to lack of support, it faltered and other GCC nations took the initiative instead. I can’t recall that Kuwaiti guy who lamented about the sorry state of car racetrack in one of the newspapers.

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