iPhone 14 Prices in Kuwait vs US

The official iPhone 14 prices are out in Kuwait and so I decided to do a comparison with the US prices. This year Apple increased the price of the iPhone around the world while keeping it the same in the US. This means the price difference between Kuwait and the US is even greater this year.

Below are the price comparisons. The US price is based on shipping it to a MyUS address so you don’t pay tax, and then chosing priority 1-3 day shipping which will cost 16KD. They have cheaper shipping options as well.

iPhone 14
128GB – 293KD (US Price 263KD) +30KD Difference
256GB – 327KD (US Price 294KD) +33KD Difference
512GB – 400KD (US Price 325KD) +75KD Difference

iPhone 14 Plus
128GB – 327KD (US Price 294KD) +33KD Difference
256GB – 362KD (US Price 325KD) +37KD Difference
512GB – 435KD (US Price 356KD) +79KD Difference

iPhone 14 Pro
128GB – 371KD (US Price 325KD) +46KD Difference
256GB – 405KD (US Price 356KD) +49KD Difference
512GB – 480KD (US Price 417KD) +63KD Difference
1TB – 550KD (US Price 479KD) +71KD Difference

iPhone 14 Pro Max
128GB – 405KD (US Price 356KD) +49KD Difference
256GB – 440KD (US Price 386KD) +54KD Difference
512GB – 515KD (US Price 448KD) +67KD Difference
1TB – 586KD (US Price 511KD) +75KD Difference

The US prices are taken from the US Apple Store.
The Kuwait prices are taken from Xcite.

Update: Forgot to mention the local launch date is 23 September.

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I ordered 256 GB iPhone 14 Pro on Apple Store to MyUS Florida address. Delivery is expected around Oct 11. Now, I wanna know how to add the order details in my MyUS Account.

Should I provide the details after the order has shipped from Apple (with tracking info) or before? Would be great if anyone could provide a guide on how to do that, as its not very clear on their website.

What do you mean? It will ship to your MyUS address and you will get an email to deal with it i.e. consolidate, priority shipping, etc.

PSA: All US iPhones will NOT have a SIM card slot. They will exculislvly work with eSIMs only. Somthing to consider if you travel a lot and plan to purchase a physical SIM cards.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that limit you from purchasing cheaper plans with local telecoms on arrival for your data usage and calls when in another country, and instead be stuck at the mercy of your Kuwaiti mobile provider’s roaming packages?

You can add 10+ esims on the same phone. In fact its much easier to add an esim on arrival to a country than a physical sim, because you never ever find that damn pin when you need it to eject the sim tray. With an esim you just get a little QR code from the guy and scan that and you’re good to go a second later.

Do you know when Xcite will actually have it in stock? As of today the cheapest 14 Pro Max 256GB that I can find is KD620 at mobile2000, which is just stupid.

Those additional prices in red represent excite mandatory one year accidental warranty. They will not accept preorders without it

The prices in red are the price difference between US and Kuwait. There is no mandatory warranty, go to any phone, add it to the cart and select “none” for warranty. They’re an authorized apple reseller so they aren’t gonna fuck around.

factor in shipping price + kuwait customs

the difference will be lower and you’ll wait 4-5 week for apple to ship and 5-7 days to arrive to P.O box then 5-7 days to arrive to your house.

pre-ordered it from astore and picked it up on 23rd its way faster for small price gap

Please wait for some time before you jump and order…check some feedbacks

Until the matter is resolved, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max owners should avoid opening the camera in apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram if they are concerned about potential damage to the rear camera system. We will share any additional information about this issue, including any response from Apple, as it becomes available.

It’s always fascinating how many people (especially here) with enough disposable income to buy iPhones at launch prices. Even crazier, those who go to their telecom provider to get the latest iPhone via a 2-year contract paying exorbitant monthly installments in order so sell the device for cash which basically makes it a loan.

I think you’re confusing launch prices, retail prices and gray market prices. This list is retail prices, they don’t change after launch or 5 months from their launch. Grey market prices vary due on demand and availability, authorized apple resellers can only sell the phones at retail prices.

Best AL yousifi is selling iPhone 14 series with super expensive price.
Is it the normal price is higher than pre order price?

Mark, as usual thank you for the updates.
Do you know when can we expect the prices to go down?
*Or If anybody remembers the time-frame of when the iPhone 13 last year prices went down.*

And do you recommend buying from the unauthorized resellers like the mobile branches?

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