iPhone 7 Prices in Kuwait

Post by Mark


Below are the current prices of the iPhone 7 in Kuwait, the cheapest online seems to be Best Electronics. Check out the list below and if I’m missing a website let me know.

Best Electronics
iPhone 7 32GB: KD238
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD326

iPhone 7 32GB: KD259
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD375

iPhone 7 32GB: KD240
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: N/A

Mr Babu
iPhone 7 32GB: KD239
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD329

iPhone 7 32GB: KD270
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD370

iPhone 7 32GB: KD245
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: N/A

iPhone 7 32GB: KD240
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: N/A

iPhone 7 32GB: KD240
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD330

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Not insanely marked up than retail price but still 25 KD higher (i7 32gb from Best).

  2. Adel says:

    What a ripoff, IPhone 7+ 200gb is at 320 kd in the UAE
    / 301 KD in USA.

    And the carriers are welling to screw you more with their “offers”.

    • Mummy says:

      official iphones in uae doesn’t come with facetime

      • Adel says:

        They do but only if you buy it from Apple Store and not from 3rd party reseller

        • Mummy says:

          Adel – wrong – as someone living in UAE and been to apple store and asked to the sales folks, I can categorically say – official iPhones for UAE will not have facetime. Grey market guys bring models from other places (when we open you see a singapore or Australia power adaptor) -those units will have facetime. you can visit souq.com and they clearly say “with facetime” without facetime models!

      • Mohd says:

        I got mine for dubai duty free iphone 7 128 GB for 3000 dhs and facetime works. Facetime is based on the Carrier. As facetime, viber , whatsapp calling etc is blocked in uae, it is allowed in kuwait therefor it works.

        • Mummy says:

          wrong – it doesn’t work if the SL numbers are destined for UAE or Saudi.

          the ones from DDF may be a stray one you got – now that official Apple store is opened in UAE and Airport, they will not come with Facetime App – even if you put a foreign sim card on it. its blocked at the firmware level.

          Apple’s offician line is “FaceTime isn’t available or might not appear on devices purchased or used in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan”

        • Mummy says:

          facetime is not based on the carrier! – how is that in case of an iPad without 3G connection? where is the carrier relation here?

  3. Dun says:

    No thanks. I’ll take a Note 7, even with an exploding battery, over this.

  4. anonymous says:

    Why anyone would buy a headphone jack-less device is beyond me. People truly are sheep.

    • Mark says:

      What’s the difference to u if it had a headphone jack or not? You can still listen to your earphones using the included adapter. If you want to talk about sheep though that’s an easy topic, let’s first talk about how every phone manufacturer dropped the physical keyboard for an onscreen one… people truly are sheep. Or maybe that’s how technology progresses…

      • anonymous says:

        An onscreen keyboard replaces the need for a physical one because it has no mechanical parts and it is easier to keep clean and most importantly – simple to manufacture.

        According to your analogy an additional physical accessory which is a hindrance, easy to lose, costs additional money to manufacture is somehow a technological marvel? I should also remind you that you cannot charge your device while listening to music unless you buy a separate dongle with 2 port and costs and ridiculous amount of money.

        Here’s the kicker, any company that utilizes a lightning connector in one of their devices has to pay a licensing fee to Apple. Now do you see what they’ve been planning?

        • Mark says:

          Yeah but your arguments could apply to the removal of the headphone port as well, removing the headphone port also makes it easier to keep clean, easier to waterproof and easier to manufacture (less one part to make and install) among other things.

          The additional “physical accessory” you talk about is a temporary thing like an external cd writer was or an external floppy drive. it’s for people who still need to use the headphone jack during this “transitional” period. It’s not meant to be permanent, most manufacturers will start releasing earphones/headphones that connect straight to the lightning connector which offer a number of advantages including the ability to power your earphones which people who use noise canceling headphones are going to love. Personally I like the lightning port because of this, right now I’ve got a tiny portable amp i take with me to power some of my headphones, I’d rather buy a headphone that has a built in amp and gets powered off the lightning port than have to deal with carrying around my tiny amp.

          Finally your kicker isn’t really a kicker, the fact that apple can charge manufacturers to work better with their phones is the same as apple taking 30% of every software you sell in their store, it’s a business thing. Except in this case manufacturers have alternative options, they can go wireless which is what apple is pushing or they can keep producing their products with headphone jacks and their customers will have to use the adapter. In any case thats a B2B issue, it has no effect on us consumers which is why it isn’t a kicker.

          • meh says:

            It’s not surprising. Apple continues to force you to live in their bubble.

            Yes I understand technology progresses, and newer better ports is only natural, and eventually Samsung and co will remove the headphone jack themselves and use only USB C. A universal Standard.

            What if I buy expensive lightning headphones and the iPhone becomes a shit product and I want to buy android? Probably will need an adapter. Heck I wanna use my headphones on any other device at home!

            So yeah very anti-consumer, and those adapters will not go away anytime soon

      • Adel says:

        +10000 somebody got rekt

    • BAJS says:

      Just like why would anyone buy a PC with no floppy drive, or a laptop without a CD/DVD drive. I wonder who it was who decided to drop those first and got backlash because of it…

      Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the a generation or two after, manufacturers decide to drop the headphone jack as well.

      • Ipsom says:

        Dropping the jack is much worse than dropping those.

        I won’t be buying a new iPhone (my 6 works fine), so I don’t care much, but I wish they didn’t drop it

  5. mohammad says:

    Thanks for posting this, Mark! Let the price competition begin :)

  6. Nicholas says:

    RIP headphone jack.

  7. Yo says:

    What about Eureka? Their prices are usually better than Xcite.

  8. mohammad says:

    235kd at future communications store, picked it up today from marina. unfortunately they havent got a website

  9. deewana subrimanium says:

    Best place to buy is lulu hyper market. I just picked up for KD 180. Very efficient and cost effective.

  10. Ahmed says:

    Same as a decen laptop price for a phone that will get old in a year.

  11. rosy says:

    Sheeel: iPhone 7 128GB- KD 269

  12. Santo says:


    iPhone 7 32GB: KD226
    iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: KD353

    Both prices are with Facetime. They also have iphones without facetime.

  13. Binu says:

    Hi Mark, do you buy a new iPhone every year ? Just asking. Thanks.

  14. Binu says:

    Really ! May I ask why ?

  15. deewani subrimanium says:

    For me my Kuwait boss buys for me. He’s my god

  16. shabz says:

    i bought iphone7plus 128 gb rose gold for 359.900 from xcite

  17. GN says:

    What I find shocking is the blatant rip-off by seemingly “genuine” and “official” stores in Kuwait. Feels like they constitute the grey market here!

    E.g. Official launch date for iPhone 7 in Kuwait was Sep 24. However it launched a week ago in UAE/elsewhere. Since that day, IG is flooded with Xcite/Best offering the iPhone 7/32 GB for as high as KD 260-280! And then they keep dropping the price by KD 5 every day till launch day!

    What’s worse – I was at Xcite on Sep 24 and the price being displayed was still KD 260. I showed the screenshot of their website to the salesman, where the price was stated as KD 240. He obviously was clueless.

  18. BarryUno says:


    Future Communications has been selling the Phone 7 the cheapest since it was announced. Obviously it has been more than 10 days now so we have adjusted our prices to be closer to the competition but we are quite competitive still!

    For the iPhone 7, we are priced at KD 229 for the 32 GB, KD 264 for the 128 GB and KD 302 for the 256 GB versions respectively.

    The iPhone 7 Plus is available at KD 285 for the 32 GB, KD 317 for the 128 GB and 350 for the 256 GB

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