MOI App Updated

Post by Mark

The Ministry of Interior app wasn’t working for me for the longest time but they’ve finally gone and updated it and it now works with the latest version of iOS as well as making the app take advantage of iPhone X’s extra tall screen.

The app allows you to check a bunch of things including your traffic violations, driving license status, car registration status, travel bans etc.. as well as allowing you to pay any fines. If you don’t have the app you can download it from the Apple Store by clicking [Here]

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  1. LinK says:

    I hope the new app actually makes the payment instead of taking the money and then giving an error. I made a payment once of 20 KD and I never got a confirmation, after looking at my bank transactions the 20 KD was taken but my ticket was still there. I took the receipt from the bank to the Ministry and the guy shrugged his shoulders, go talk to the manager. The manager was like, you will have to go to the main Ministry and it will take you a long time to try and get it dealt with. I ended up paying another 20 KD.

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