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Post by Mark

Every so often something happens to my iPhone and I end up having to head to Hawalli to get it repaired. For the past two years I’ve been going to a place called U.S. Workshop and I didn’t really think they were that special, until recently. A couple of weeks ago I broke my iPhone screen again but this time I really wasn’t in the mood to drive to Hawalli, so I called up FixAid and had them come over and replace my screen at home. When the repair guy handed me the phone, the color tone of my screen was very blue, but I thought maybe it was just my eyes getting adjusted to a crackless screen. Then for the next couple of days the touch screen was being weird and unresponsive. Since they have a 10 day warranty period, I took the phone back to FixAid and explained to them the problem. We tried another screen on and ended up facing a similar issue with the screen color so I told them I didn’t want it anymore and they were professional enough to refund me the money minus a service charge.

I took the cash and headed to U.S. Workshop in Hawalli. They always ask you what kind of quality screen you want to replace it with, the low quality for KD20 or the high quality KD30 screen? (I have an iPhone 6s). I went with the KD30 screen which is basically identical to the original iPhone screen color tone wise and responsiveness. Once I got my phone back and realized it was perfect again I told them how I used a home service because I didn’t want to drive down to Hawalli all the time. Thats when I found out they also offer home service as well for an extra KD5 charge. So, below are the details in case you ever need an iPhone/iPad repair shop.

Location: Bin Khaldoun Street, around 3 buildings after Blink, inside the building before KFH. There are some steep steps you climb up to get into the building, thats how you’ll recognize it. [Google Maps]

Telephone: 22610042

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Never broke a phone in my life since Nokia 3210, now Note 5. The only phone that broke with me, was with my brother. I also never broken a laptop until someone else used it and cracked my screen and broken the hatch locks. Now no one uses my stuff and I don’t borrow anyone my stuff.

  2. Ali Sleeq says:

    There is a place called ‘Michael Al-Seeni’ who apparently is a the mafia don of iphone repairs. Every place kept telling me about it.

    Well they do repair everything, but I found it to be expensive (boards and other chip replacements cost KD50). It’s in Ibn Khaldoun, just ask for the name (its in a dodgy complex).

  3. Adel says:

    You’re better off when going to Dubai Apple Store to fix it, almost everything you see here are fake, top of the line screens are no match to the original, Cannibalized iPhones are only the real source of original parts and they don’t come cheap.

    Side note: check if your 6s is eligible for battery replacement program, you might get a free battery replacement.

    • Mark says:

      In what way are top of the line “fake” screens no match for the original? There is no way you wouldn’t be able to tell my screen isn’t original, the color tone and responsiveness is spot on.

      And yeah of course you can get them fixed at the Dubai Apple Store or locally at the official apple dealer, but it also comes at a cost, KD90 instead of KD30.

      • Adel says:

        the original screens undergo a very tight QC process, making sure the life of screen and various other things such as sRGB Color Gamut, Absolute Color Accuracy and brightness performance is within 0.023% (if not better) of manufacturing tolerance, that’s very hard to achieve for knockoffs so they will cut corners like seeing pixels, having a hue for the panel, not matching brightness and some functionality like front selfie flash will burn the screen faster that’s just for the best of them.

        That’s not the end of it you have the glass that sits on top of the screen, most often for low end replacements it’s hard to match the color of bezels specially for white because it’s hard to match and those who do manage to match it will not have Oleophobic coating because it will cost too much and reflect much more light than the original. Then you have the problem of Touch ID and 3D Touch not working, some can fix the 3D Touch but it won’t be like the original and if Touch ID was damaged you have to wave goodbye to it.

        And btw I think screen replacement at apple is 45KD and 100KD for the whole phone replacement for the 6s you have to book an appointment they will fix it in the same day or the next

  4. Sh says:

    I know, not the right place to ask; but is Kuwestions down?

  5. Dun says:

    All these repair shops use fake parts (some better than others). However they will soon be all obsolete because of their inability to re-seal waterproof phones (which are now the norm).

  6. cajie says:

    Thanks for the tip. Currently have a iPhone 5c. Screen was broken and replaced at one of the generic repair shops, but the screen is not very responsive. I thought the phone was as good as a goner, but will give this a try.

  7. Buzz says:

    I’m just curious, why don’t we have a proper Apple Store in Kuwait? Honestly, what is the reason?

    • Mark says:

      Probably too small a market for one

      • Buzz says:

        You could be right, but a market big enough for Ford, GM, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi is too small for an Apple Store? There is no Apple Store in Saudi Arabia either and it’s the biggest market in the region. It must be something else, image, prestige, business environment.

        My guess it’s the last one because our laws require a local agent for retail operations and not direct ownership by a foreign company. This is not the case in the U.A.E. hence Dubai has the only Apple Store in the region. I would wager that store is owned directly by Apple Inc. You can ask them the next time you’re there.

  8. Salohcin says:

    Guys, any idea abt fixaid? Are they good? What are their pricing like?

    • Mutton says:

      Fixaid is decent when u take in to consideration the element of convenience, however with regards to their screens, as Mark had mentioned the screen is’nt as good as the original one, both response time and color tones are way off the mark

  9. Angel says:

    Glad that we trust the same shop for cp repairs..the techs are filipinos

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