The New 2021 Apple iMac 24″

I’ve been using a 2013 iMac 27″ as my main computer since well, 2013. It was the entry-level 27″ at that time with a 3.2ghz quad-core i5 processor and I had upgraded the RAM to 24GB and the hard drive to a 1TB SSD. It was showing its age but it held up great over the years and honestly could have survived a couple of more if Apple hadn’t released the redesigned iMacs a few months ago.

As soon as I saw the new iMacs I realized I wanted one, in green, and ASAP. I ended up pre-ordering one from Apple online with 16GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive in addition to an Arabic English keyboard. When I had placed the order the iMacs hadn’t been shipped yet and so I basically ordered it blindly based on photos hoping it would look as good in real life. Well, it does. Now that I’ve been using the new iMac for a few weeks, here are some points:

  • With the new iMac I decided to go completely wireless everything. I had a Kensington trackball which I love and had been using for 11 years but it was wired so I decided to get the wireless version of it for my new iMac. The wireless trackball uses a USB-A wireless adapter but the new iMacs only have USB-C. Luckily BEST sells a tiny USB-A to USB-C adapter and it’s not an issue. The trackball does work with Bluetooth but it was super laggy when I set it up that way.

  • My KEF LSX speakers were previously connected to my iMac using the headphone jack but on the new iMac, the headphone jack is on the side which meant the cable would stick out. I decided to ditch the wire and instead connect the speakers via Bluetooth. Here is a tip, to stop your Bluetooth speakers from constantly disconnecting from your computer every time it went to sleep, turn off that energy-saving feature.

  • Probably the main reason I got the new iMac is for the touch ID keyboard. I use 1Password to manage all my passwords and it’s a lot easier to use my fingerprint to unlock my passwords. In use, it’s been flawless, with a touch of a button I can wake up and unlock my iMac similar to my MacBook Pro which is super convenient.

  • The webcam on the new iMac is great, not only is it a lot sharper and higher resolution than all my other Mac webcams, but I used to have an issue when video calling on my previous iMac because I have a large window behind me. During calls, the camera tended to adjust the brightness based on the windows and so I’d end up really dark and barely visible. I no longer have that issue with the new iMac.

  • It’s fast, much faster than my older iMac and so far seems as fast or faster than my 16″ MacBook Pro.

Anyway if you’re considering getting one of these new iMacs and have any questions let me know in the comments. I’ve only seen two colors in Kuwait, blue and green. Gait in Avenues has a blue one on display and Xcite also in Avenues has a green and blue one. If you’ve seen any of the other colors anywhere mention it in the comments. The iMac upgraded with a 1TB hard drive and 16GB of RAM cost me around KD605 KD635 shipped to Kuwait.

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Been fascinated with the Imac’s for a long long time , but for purely budger reasons I am planning on getting a mac mini, with the m1 chipset, atleast 16 gigs of ram and any space size is ok since i can literally buy any external 2 tb ssd and install my apps on it with a few tweaks.

How has your overall experience been with Cpu intensive apps, are most of the apps you use for editing etc work on the m1 as host or still under rosetta?

Well the most I do on my iMac is graphic design work and even with my older iMac I never really hit a major bottleneck. I’d imagine if you do video editing you’d feel most of the difference, my previous iMac I could tell would struggle with 4K youtube videos so I’d imagine it would have struggled big time editing them.

Was this the 7-core gpu version?

How much did the shipping cost you? And which shipping service did you use? Did you pay US tax?

Wow… that’s a good deal. When I configured an 8-core gpu version with 16 GB Ram and 1 TB ssd it came to $2,099.00 without shipping, which is around 630-635 KD. So paying 605 KD including shipping is a really good deal. Did you manage to get a discount on the product?

make sure you ship to MyUS address and now Shop&Ship. I hate MyUS except when it comes to buying macs, their shipping costs more but you save a lot by not paying taxes.

I have been using Fishisfast (FF) and PostShipper (PS). Both have warehouses in Delaware, so you don’t pay tax on the products you purchase. You can open an account with them for free and they don’t charge you monthly fees. Last I checked, FF gives you 6-months of free storage per item while PS gives you 2 months, after which you are charged storage fees per item (if you haven’t shipped the items yet). As for shipping to Kuwait, FF offers FedEx (with two shipping speed options), DHL, and Aramex while PS offers DHL and an unbranded shipping option. The slower FedEx option is usually cheaper than DHL (giving FF an advantage if you want to save $) but PS’s DHL rates are cheaper than FF’s DHL rates (giving PS an advantage if you want the fastest shipping option) If you want to insure the items, then FF charges 3% while PS charges 2% of the total items value. Finally, PS allows you to receive postal mail (e.g., mail from your bank) while FF doesn’t.

Yeah that sounds a lot like MyUS except with MyUS I get 20% discount cuz I use Mastercard. Even with the discount Fedex and DHL both a lot more expensive than Shop&Ship.

I’ve had a macbook pro for a while now, and its getting pretty old and slow. Was waiting for the new iMacs to come out before deciding on whether to get a windows based all-in-one or an iMac.

The only reason i am considering windows is because i hated office for mac previously to the point that i’ve stopped using it completely. I sometimes need word/excel/powerpoint for work or for the kids schoolwork.

How is the Microsoft Office Suite for macs these days.

Next week all colour and different specification of imac wil be awalable at Best alyousifi. Check our social media.

I am trying to keep on working with the older 2013 27” iMac until they release the next generation larger screen model. It’s hanging on by a thread and I really hope apple will release it soon as this new 24” is really tempting. The Mac pro with xdr display setup is just too expensive for my needs.

The major problem I’ve been having with all wireless setups is that the devices constantly need charging so there are always charging wires cluttering up the desk anyway. And a universal usbc adapter is probably a given.

I’ll try to answer your points from my experience so far.

– Moving down from 27″ to 24″ I didn’t notice that much of a difference. I’m currently working between three apps, Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I usually like the large screen realestate for InDesign since its a layouting software and I dont feel claustrophobic nor am I wishing I had a 27″ right now. I thought of waiting for the new larger iMac which I think is rumored to be 29″ but figured not worth the eventual price difference.

– So previously my keyboard worked on eneloop rechargable batteries and anytime they drained i’d swap with a fresh pair. New keyboard now has internal battery and when the time comes in a few months to charge it, it uses the same iPhone cable that came with the iMac so no big deal. My trackball supposedly requires a battery swap every 3-6 months. I got eneloop AAA batteries and when they drain I’ll swap them with the fully charged ones.

I’m currently using 2 out of 4 USB ports in the back.
1- Trackball reciver
2- iPhone Cable
3- 3rd spot will be filled with my backupdrive
4- 4th will be empty with nothing to plug into except for maybe my SD card reader but I barely ever use it.

hey mark , i have few questions for you
which site did you order the imac and how long it took to deliver in kuwait ? was it well packed , how about warranty ? do you get international apple care warranty?

Ordered from, took like 6 weeks because it was a pre-order followed by the fact it was high in demand so had to wait till it became available. Packed in Apple box, no idea about warranty.

– When i first saw it in the store, i couldn’t believe it’s 24 inch, because i had the old Apple Cinema display, which was 24 inch, and that felt much bigger in size…i even felt it’s smaller than my 21 inch iMac

– I love how they made it so thin, and finally it’s SSD by standard, but i can’t get over the ugly design (e.g. Big chin, no logo…and even worse, white bezel)

I’ll stick to my 5K 27” iMac for now, and see what they will do with the rumoured 30” iMac

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