Will the Apple Watch with Cellular Work in Kuwait?

Post by Mark

Last week Apple released the series 3 Apple Watch and introduced the option of having cellular connectivity. Unlike with phones, the Apple Watch won’t use a regular sim card but instead uses what Apple calls the eSIM, which is a digital sim card. So will it work in Kuwait? No, it won’t, not for now at least.

According to my contact at one of the local telecoms, the eSIM technology is not yet available in Kuwait. This means if you do order the Apple Watch with LTE, you won’t be able to benefit from the cellular function for the moment, not until the local operators start supporting eSIM technology (I wasn’t given a timeframe to when that might happen).

If you’re also thinking of buying the LTE version now in hopes of being able to use it later once the local operators get eSIM, then you need to make sure you get the correct version. Kuwait uses the LTE frequency bands 4 and 5 and different versions of the Apple Watch support different bands. Check out the chart below which I took from iMore:

So if you want to get the LTE version from now, your best option is to order the watch from the States since it supports both frequency bands 4 and 5. The UK version for example just supports 5 which means you’ll only be able to use it with Ooredoo (if this source is correct). My guess is that local operators are currently scrambling to get eSIM fast so they could say they’re the first, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get eSIM support by early next year. But thats a guess…

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  1. Khalid says:

    Well since there is an official Apple Store in Dubai, maybe they will make another model for the MEA/GCC Region that is compatible with our LTE Bands.

    I want to see how retailers here in Kuwait market this product since the LTE/sim function doesn’t work xD

    • Mark says:

      they don’t need to make another version, the US version is compatible with our LTE bands so they’ll probably sell that one here.

      Kuwait retailers probably won’t get the LTE version for now.

  2. Adel says:

    Yo mark there are reports that Apple Watch series 3 with LTE won’t work if you buy it outside country of origins think it’s carrier locked or something like that.
    For a better read check out the article below


    It will start shipping in few days we will find out more information then

    • Mark says:

      I saw that article earlier today when I was researching, it also mentions you might be able to use a US watch outside the US if you change carriers but you can’t do roaming which is fine by me.

  3. Animatedude says:

    You don’t need to guess, when Apple announced this product, they said it will be available next year for all countries.

    Even UAE is not getting the cellular version this year.

    I’ll stick to my 0 series, but i’m excited for the eSim thingy, it will eventually be on the iPhone, and we don’t have to rely on carries for this.(carrier fought against this when Apple discussed the idea with them years ago).

  4. Kuwait says:

    If you believe in it and you’re a true Apple fan, it will work.

  5. DeReD says:

    Nice review on the new Apple Watch Series 3 by Hodinkee


  6. Anw. Kh. says:

    is that Austria or Australia ?

  7. Emi says:

    Will it work soon the e-sim for apple watch in kuwait

  8. Hakim says:

    I have Apple watch A1861 nike edition , sealed box, Anyone interested , please let me know 9786 5203

  9. Ross Appleby says:

    According to Zain in Kuwait, the esim technology for Apple Watch Series 4 (and therefore, Series 3 as well) WILL be available in Kuwait “soon”. At the time of writing (September 30 2018), this function is already available in UAE. It’s really strange that Kuwait telcos are dragging their feet on this when it’s an opportunity for them to make more money, especially when everyone is “screaming” for it.

  10. Gaurav says:

    With the introduction of Esom technology by Ooredoo for Iphone Xs models.. will this technology work with series 4 Apple Watch cellular versions ?

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