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@248am – 1 Year on Instagram

So it’s been around 1 year since I launched the @248am Instagram account, and I kinda wanted to do a year in review post. In summary, it’s been a pretty intense experience but one that I’m starting to enjoy a lot more.

First some interesting stats…

Posts with the highest number of likes
Photos from the 1976 National Day Parade – 9,280 Likes
Chipotle if Officially Coming to Kuwait – 6,414 Likes
New English School Photos 1974 – 5,093 Likes
1973 Fashion Shoot Around Kuwait – 5,020 Likes
The Sadu Brick Road – 3,791 Likes

Posts with the highest number of comments
How to Watch Barbie if you’re in Kuwait – 356 Comments
Chipotle if Officially Coming to Kuwait – 248 Comments
694KD for a T-shirt? – 234 Comments
Nando’s is Coming to Kuwait – 172 Comments
Do you Remember this Tree? – 170 Comments

Clearly people care a lot about food and nostalgia. Even though I know that, I actually do try to limit those number of posts since in the end, I don’t want to be categorized as a food blogger, nor do I want to turn into one of those accounts that just posts nostalgic content.

Posts that go viral are also a love and hate thing with me. I love it when my posts get attention, but I dislike some of the attention it brings. Posts that go viral tend to attract all sorts of random people and that mostly gets reflected in the comments section. I read and moderate my comments section, but trying to moderate a post that’s gone viral is not easy, especially since Instagrams comment management system isn’t great. Also those posts tend to attract a lot more non-English speakers who end up skipping my caption and then leave comments in Arabic which I have to try and read or translate to English to understand.

Oh, and I still have no idea what goes viral and what doesn’t. Whenever I think I’ve figured it out I get proven wrong. I’ve had posts I thought would blow up but nobody ended up caring for, then I had random posts like my Meteor Showers post that went viral for some reason with over 2,800 likes. That post going viral actually gave me anxiety because a meteor shower isn’t something I could control and I felt like it had to perform or else a lot of people would have been let down.

Generally though a year later I’m much more relaxed and comfortable with instagram and I’m starting to enjoy it more.

Financially the Instagram account has been great for me. I mark all my ads as a “Paid Promotion” and I also include the “Promoted” word in my post icon. I wasn’t sure how advertisers or readers would feel about this when I started, thankfully it’s been a positive experience from both sides. I think readers appreciate the fact that I’m not passing ads off as my real opinion which is what 99.9% of local influencers seem to do. On the other hand, advertisers have been supportive of this as well with only one that decided not to advertise with me because I wouldn’t agree to not mark the post as paid for.

So yeah that’s pretty much it, 1 year on instagram summarized.

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Why dont you do a 30-40 years (idk how many years youve been here) in kuwait post. Give us some qualitative inputs on overall life in Kuwait, the pros and the cons.

I feel like you know so much about so many things and have this incredible ability to talk about the smallest things in so much detail (i know it could sound condescending but dont let it), why not use that skill to actually form a robust opinion on broader subjects such as ‘what is life for an expat in Kuwait actually like’ and the ups and downs you’ve experienced over the years?

that’s something that would really help alot of people out (give us a voice m8), considering Kuwait is like a short term project for over 50% of the people that even live here. It’s like that company with the shittiest employee retention rate, people come in, stay for a few seasons and bounce, ya know?

So for the few expats that remain, or have grown up here (like me, but im peacin’ out) i feel like their judgements and opinions are more tried and tested, as opposed to the many new comers who dont really care but move here because they could make an extra $300 a month to support their families back home (which is cool i mean its their life but its a very transactional reason to move somewhere, especially without long term prospects). Some people actually devote their livelihoods to the country, as expats, but are now over their limit. What perspective do you have to offer to them? this could help others stay put and live in a better mental state? maybe feel a sense of belonging every time they enter Kuwait airport t1 arrivals

That’s some real shi2 you know? let’s get into it m8. lets be vulnerable, maybe find you some lyrics for your next rap song.


off topic, but did you notice the latest string of changes in the new traffic laws that will soon be implemented?

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