2:48PM Weekly Roundup

Post by Mark

Here are some of my favorite posts on 2:48PM from last week:

Face Subsitution
The McGurk Effect
‘The Office’ Skit from the Emmys
Chinese Bike Couriers
Bakery that sells gruesome human body parts

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  1. SSD says:

    I like the McGurk effect one.

    And I think it’s a good idea for you to these weekly lineups for 248pm. It’s a good site that needs more traffic and comments

  2. lfcq8 says:

    now days i`m liking 248pm more then am :)

    • Mark says:

      it’s more fun over there and a lot less pressure for me. I considered merging the two but that would lead to either non-kuwait content over powering the kuwaiti content OR I will have to post less non-kuwaiti content as to not overpower the Kuwaiti content. Having 248am and pm split from each other i realized would be the better way.

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