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Ask the British Ambassador Anything


The British Ambassador Matthew Lodge will be holding an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session today as part of his weekly “Mondays with Matthew” posts. The AMA session will be open from 4:30PM to 6:00PM at which time the British Ambassador will be online to answer any questions you might have. So if there is anything you’ve always been curious about and wanted to know the answer to, this will be your chance to ask him. So don’t forget its from 4:30PM to 6:00PM.

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I have a question regarding the photo in the post. Since we’re dealing with a diplomat here, can you only use photos provided by the Embassy/PR team or can you shoot your own and then have it approved by them before you post it here?

Not sure, I guess it wouldn’t be an issue, the first photo from the breakfast was taken by my friend and I didn’t need to share it with them for approval

That’s not a bad question but since he hasn’t provided a link for a reddit AMA I think it’s safe to assume this post is where the questions will be asked and answered.

Can the owner of a mandated old British passport issued from Palestine in 1943 and his kids claim a British nationality and a passport

Note : he have the original passport and he is registered in it

Typical…I typed a question for Matthew and it gets removed by admin

No freedom of speech in q8….

Here we grill UK PM abd we dont get removed..

Typical… A reader who can’t read and then blames it on lack of freedom of speech in q8. This post was written by me and not the ambassador, it was announcing the fact he would be holding an AMA session which he did… Last monday.

Mark…Please dont trip on me…

I have posted zillion questions for Ambassador on 248…guess what it has been removed now that is typical….why is that dude???

We are tax payer citizen expect some answer from Ambassador Lodge…

I was simply asking some serious questions in this session of AMA..or can you tell him to open his email box and reply to me some of my questions..


btw have good one

I have never on this site before. Kuwaiti friend of about this site. Here I am.

Beside im kuwaiti american now why would I be racist? You slandering me

Mark careful dude

In my family i have kuwaiti blood, british and american blood..y wud u brush me with racist remarks?

I feel terrible with ur remarks

Mark remove all my posting from your 248am..asap!

I don’t wanna be part of this where you accuse me of racism.

If I was you, i would be very careful with my comments.

I simple join this blogs to ask Ambassador some questions pertaining to UK visas as the title says AMA Ask me anything..

please remove all my postings,,,

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