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Classifieds Under Construction

Just a quick note for those of you trying to post an item for sale in the Classifieds section, it won’t work at the moment. The section is currently getting a software upgrade as well as a minor facelift which is why you’ve been getting errors for the past two days. The developer promised to get it done today but might need another day or two to make changes. Sorry about that!

Update: Classifieds is back up. Ran into some issues with the upgrade but finally got it done. Doesn’t look different right now but behind the scenes I’m now running the latest version of the software and most importantly, the errors with uploading images is now gone. I’m now gonna be working on the facelift.

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Hi and thank. Whilst you’re at it, could you/your developer allow the system to accept higher data sized pictures than is current, the current acceptable size being extremely small bit size? Thanks

yeah i’m hoping to solve that issue once and for all, even if it means possibly changing the host. will see how it goes. honestly wasn’t expecting the classifieds section to be as popular as it is so when i created it i hadn’t planned much.

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