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Post by Mark

I get a lot of strange emails all the time and so a few months ago I decided I would start posting them up on my secret tumblr account. Today I decided I’m going to share my tumblr with everyone. Check it out [Here]

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  1. Chris says:

    “hi dear how are u… i have a problem… my problem is that i want married… but my p…….”


  2. bask says:

    all strange with the exception of the person asking for ur assistance in proof reading their documents to be published in their corporate profile. creative writing is one of the main skills in running a good blog “obviously” and they thought u might be interested to utilize your skills within a business context for them. could have been good and easy cash dude…so doesn’t score on being strange..

    • cartman-kw says:

      Maybe you didn’t see it as strange because you viewed it in the context of the crazy sh*t in that page. It is strange, but not so strange.

  3. Shiznit says:

    Ebram is such a cool badass dude 8)

  4. desert sky says:

    “i want sex doll plese tell me price thanks”

  5. The Bla Bla Theory says:

    Seems fake to me.. Same style of thinking and all the posts have the same structure to deliver the funny message.

    Try again.

  6. shey says:

    LMFAO OMG what on earth – the emails you get are so hilarious. You probably ROFL every time you get things like these

  7. Othman says:

    I think someone needs to explain to these dimwits what a blog is…

  8. Maged says:

    we never call someone ebram back home :)

  9. hello says:

    just cant stop laughing

  10. abdul says:

    Lol funny stuff .save it for boring times.

  11. Khal3d81 says:

    LMAO! This is too funny! almost better than failbook

  12. Atif says:

    LMFAO!!!! Those are some really weird emails, some are just WTF moments.

  13. Russian says:

    I read those emails. WTF???

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