Shutting Down the Forum

Post by Mark

I’ve been wanting to shutdown the Community (Forum) section of the blog for some time now. With the introduction of my Classifieds section it pulled a lot of traffic away from the forum and then with the introduction of Kuwestions, it basically pulled whatever traffic that was left.

The only reason I actually kept the forum up this long was for sentimental reasons. I know a couple who met in the forum and ended up getting married (How cool is that?), so kinda figured they’d want to keep all their first messages to each other. I already got in touch with them and told them to go in and save all their old conversations and once they’re done doing that I’ll probably close it down.

So if anybody else has any important messages in their account they’d like to save, do it pretty soon. [Link]

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Kuwestion is basically a forum in a question format.

  2. Hamshussein says:

    There were lots and lots of questions asked in and catered to in the community, What’s gonna happen to those?

    Lots of reliable, promising and debated matter as well.

    • Mark says:

      they will sadly disappear, all 200,000+ posts. but highly doubt anyone will miss it and whatever is there is most likely old and outdated info anyway.

      • Kuwait says:

        Wrong. Sure as heck miss the selling/bidding section and I still refer to forums for info which is still valid today for a majority of things.

        I know your call, your blog but sad move IMO.

      • Code Markus says:

        Just a suggestion from a reader:
        Keep the forum up but disable it so the written post will still remain online and also searchable by Google for whoever is looking for a certain information.

        Several times I was searching for info and got the answer on the forums.

        Awesome blog… Keep it up!

  3. Umair Shaikh says:

    Wo Ho…. Dats one fantastic story out dere. Bless dat couple

  4. Samuel says:

    You shouldn’t have closed the bidding section!!!

  5. Hamad says:

    That is actually a pretty frickin’ awesome story. Kudos

  6. Rosy says:

    Bidding section was great. Sad, Mark doesn’t see it that way.

  7. Easy says:

    Turn it into a local dating forum, and watch the traffic hit new levels 😂😂

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