The 248AM iPhone App Doesn’t Exist

Post by Mark

I’ve been getting emails from readers letting me know that my iPhone app no longer works on their phones after updating to iOS 11. The thing is, I’m surprised people actually still have the app on their phone. Apple removed my iPhone app from the store around 5 years ago (maybe longer?) and I haven’t it had on my phone ever since. Yet somehow it managed to survive on other peoples phones and now I’m getting complaints that it isn’t working.

So in case you still have the app and you aren’t aware:

1) The app doesn’t exist anymore, if you have it you’re lucky, I don’t even have it
2) If you upgrade to iOS 11 the app will no longer work

There are no plans for another 248AM app in the foreseeable future, but what I’d like to do is eventually have a mobile friendly version of the website. But I don’t have a timeframe for when that will happen.

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  1. Faisal says:

    While its not exactly like an app, subscribing to RSS feed of 248am on Flipboard can help to some extent.

    • Mark says:

      I use RSS religiously with Feedly and Reeder app on my phone, no idea how common it is with my readers though

      • R says:

        I was about to email you that i read ur blog since 2+ years using feedly RSS … used to have google RSS reader which no longer exist, which i think its way better than ios app

  2. Najjar says:

    How about we celebrate the new year with the responsive layout Mark?

  3. Reena says:

    I am one of the few lucky people around

  4. The Other Ahmed says:

    Why did you have an app in the first place?

  5. Ali Sleeq says:

    so basically if someone has the app on their phone installed, they can sell it on ebay for a premium!

  6. Burhan says:

    Hello Dear Mark, well if you want i can help you develop a Mobile App for free* do you have any Layout or reference app which you like ?! i could develop it as you require, show you a demo and if you like it ! you can have it to launch as a official app for your Blog ;D

  7. M says:

    I’m writing this comment in your app

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